Playerunknown Battleground has been famous for its various weapons. As you start to play the game, you must be wondering can the weapon you found during the farming be the best weapon among other? Can you use that weapon very well? What if the weapon is the worst one? What if you cannot easily tackle down the enemies with that weapon? And other suspicious questions.

Well, if you have already a master in playing PUBG, you must also understand which part of the PUBG map that has a lot of best PUBG weapons. However, I do understand that there are sometimes when you just go in a wrong part of the map and finally cannot find the best weapon that you are looking for. Therefore, if you’re still curious about the various types of weapons on PUBG, here we are going to share with you some best and worst Sniper Rifles and Shotguns on PUBG. Check this one out!

Sniper Rifles

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  1. AWM

The first Sniper that you can find is the AWM. This weapon has been claimed as one of the most powerful PUBG weapons due to its great damage. AWM is the only Sniper that will make your character able to tackle down the Level 3 enemies with only one shot. In addition, this weapon will be very effective to be used even at a long distance. The AWM can be found in the Care Packages.

  1. Kar-98k

Another awesome Sniper Rifle is Kar-98k. As with the AWM, this weapon can make a powerful damage that can beat down the enemies who walk under Level 3. The Kar-98k has also been famous as a weapon is effective for making headshots. Besides, this weapon has a good iron-sights and accuracy which support the headshot itself. However, you must also be aware of its Fire level which seems to be a bit low, yet this Sniper is still the recommended one.

  1. SKS

If the two previous weapons are the best ones on the list, SKS is their opponent. This weapon has been claimed one of the worst Sniper ever in PUBG. Even though this weapon is good for shooting, the level of Accuracy, Fire, and other attributes aren’t that good thus we can’t say this weapon is perfect.

  1. M24

If AWM is the best Sniper of PUBG, M24 is the less-best one since this weapon is called the little AWM. As with the bigger version of its, this weapon is effective to be used in a long-distance attack. Besides, the M24 will be a very nice weapon to be used while you are going to attack the enemies behind a hill.

  1. VSS

VSS is a rare weapon that comes up with its unique specifications. This weapon has a weak subsonic thus it will make you undetectable by the enemies. Besides, the VSS will be very effective to be used in a medium distance attack and during the late game.


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  1. S686

Let us start with the best one, S686. This classic double barrel shotgun is one of the most impressive PUBG weapons. S686 has been known as a weapon that is effective to be used in making a short-distance attack. Besides, compared to the other shotguns, the S686 is the best shotgun with the longest attack scope which is set up to 12 meters far.

  1. S1897

Compared to the S686, the S1897 does not have a ‘perfect’ characteristic of shotgun that will fulfill your need of it. This weapon is as classic as the previous one, but not that powerful as the attack will be going very slowly. Nonetheless, still and all, this shotgun is powerful for a short-distance attack.

  1. S12K

This one is better, though. S12K has been being the second choice of the players after the S686. This weapon has a fast powerful short-distance attack which is also able to throw 5 bullets at the same time.

Good gamers, those are all the best and the worst PUBG Sniper Rifles and Shotguns. If you have another idea about the other types of PUBG weapons, you can give your comments on the section below. Following this article, we are going to make a review with the other types of weapons again! Therefore, if you are curious about it, you should keep updating on the website. See you!


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