In some other article, we have already discussed how League of Legends is really worth playing. If you just started playing this game, you must be feeling some difficulties, right? A start has never been easy, but it does not that difficult though. Nonetheless, there are some things that you need to understand and pay attention to in this new ambiance of a game.

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In starting your game on League of Legends, you should also be picky of the heroes. As with other MOBA games, there are some heroes—or we say champions—which are difficult to be mastered, especially if you are a beginner. In contrast, there are also some champions which are easy to be controlled thus they are good for beginners. These following heroes listed below are the best and most recommended LOL champion for beginners.

Master Yi

The first recommended LoL champion for beginners is Master Yi. He is an Assassin champion who can also be a Jungler. This type of champion is very appropriate for you who want to focus on fighting and killing the enemies—as such a champion is passionate in the middle lane.


Not only easy to be controlled, but Master Yi also has a great Attack Damage and a nice ability to run off from the enemy’s attack. Master Yi has the Double Strike as his passive skill which makes him able to attack the enemy twice in every 4th attack. Besides, he has the Alpha Strike, Meditate, Wuju Style, and Highlander which are all the Q, W, E, and R Skill for each. With those skills, he is able to attack fast and make a powerful physical damage either for the enemy, minions, or monsters. In addition, his Movement Speed and Attack Speed will be improved thus he can avoid the effect of Crowd Control.

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As with other Assassin heroes, you cannot expect too much on Master Yi’s Health as if you employ the Tank or Fighter champions. However, this weakness of his is being paid off with the Attack Speed that can be improved very well after all.


The next LoL champion for beginners is the cute Heimerdinger. Yes, cute, very cute, but dangerous at the same time. If you are familiar with MOBA games, you will obviously familiar with the little minions who give such a protection for your heroes. However, Heimerdinger does not seem to see them as the additional protection for him, but the three robots around him do.

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Since its first launch, many LoL players claim that Heimerdinger’s skill is quite tricky as there are three robots that will protect him. Therefore, once he is being attacked, he will not be easily beaten up or tackled down because of the robots will attack the enemies’ back in accordance with Heimerdinger’s own attack. As a consequence, the enemy will be attacked with 4 kinds of attack at the same time.

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There are 5 main skills that Heimerdinger has, the first one is the Hextech Affinity as the passive skill of his. This skill will add more Movement Speed once Heirmerdinger comes to his turret or his teammate’s. In addition, he has the H-2G Evolution Turret as his Q Skill. This skill makes him able to put on a turret with amazing attributes such as a cannon and laser which are dangerous for the enemies. Meanwhile, his W and E Skills, Hextech Micro-Rockets and CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade are all related to his intelligence as a science-freak. Both skills make him able to use rocket and grenade to attack.

Good gamers, those are the two best and most recommended LoL champion for beginners. Next week, we are going to spill two more champions that are also put on the list. Since you are a beginner in the League of Legends world, it will be much and much better if you train yourself by watching the tournaments of League of Legends. For your information, the final battle of League of Legends World Championship 2018 has successfully taken by Invictus with 3 points over Fnatic. It also means that Invictus won over Fnatic from the first to the third game with 67 kills in total. If you are curious about the gameplay, you can surf on YouTube as well.


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