Mobile Legends seems to have a never-ending innovation for their new heroes. In this season, the appearance of new heroes or old heroes with upgraded abilities becomes everyone’s focus in keeping the updates of the game. There are a lot of new talents coming in the list of the best Mobile Legends heroes. Let us say, one of the best heroes that become the superstars of this season, Argus!

Argus has been taking every player’s attention this season. His ability in tackling down the Marksman heroes becomes a great chance for him getting on the list of the best heroes. Nonetheless, still and all, it is important for you to understand how to build Argus very well as this hero cannot be a superhero without an amazing build.

For a little introduction, you will have this hero powerful if you can maximize his physical attack, attack speed, item defense and critical rate. Now, if you have already been curious about him, let us go straight to these following items.

Haas’s Claws

As what have mentioned before, you will see Argus as the best version of himself when his physical attack gets improved. Well, if you want so, Haas’s Claws is the answer. This gear will be very effective to improve Argus’ physical attack that will get +70 points. Therefore, the normal attack and other skills of his will bring a great damage toward the enemies. Besides, he will also get an additional Lifesteal up to 20% and a Phyisical Lifesteal bonus once his HP gets low. For all that reason, Haas’s Claws becomes an obligated item that Argus should have.

Berserker’s Fury

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The next item that is essential to build Argus is Berserker’s Fury. As well as the Haas’s Claws, this item can improve the Physical Attack of his up to 65 points. Besides, his Critical Chance will also be improved up to 25%. Well, that is not the only thing this item will give for $2350. Argus will also get a particular uniqueness, it is the additional Critical Damage that reaches 40%. In addition, he will also get a Critical Hit that will improve the Physical Attack for 5% and last for 2 seconds.

Scarlet Phantom

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If you have already familiar with Berserker’s Fury, you must also be familiar with Scarlet Phantom. Yes, this item is claimed as the best and the most effective item to be used together with Berserker’s Fury. For $2120, your hero will get an additional Physical Attack up to 30 points together with 20% Attack Speed and 25% Critical Chance. In addition, for the passive Frenzy skills, Argus will get a Critical Hit that improves the Attack Speed for 30% and 5% Critical Rate that will last for 2 seconds.

Warrior Boots

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If you are wondering what kind of boots that will suit Argus very well, the answer is Warrior Boots. This item can be bought for $690. What makes this item special to build Argus is that it will add 22 points of Armor and 40 points of Movement Speed. In addition, as well as the passive uniqueness of Haas’s Claws, Warrior Boots will give particular additions for Argus. The first is the Physical Defense that will get improved up from 5 to 25 points once he got a Basic Attack. This Physical Defense will even last for 3 seconds.

Blade of Despair

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The last item that is effective to build Argus is Blade of Despair. This item can be bought for $3010—the most expensive one among others but it is all worth it though. Blade of Despair will improve the Physical Attack of Argus up to 170 points together with 5% Movement Speed—the most expected ones. Besides, he will get a Despair passive skill that makes him able to get an improvement of Physical Damage Hero up to 25% once he attacks an enemy. Amazing, huh?

Good gamers, it is time for you not only playing with your current hero, but also experiencing with the new ones. Argus is one of those recommended heroes which can be a great tool to attack the Marksman heroes of the opponent team. Nonetheless, if you find Argus as your rival, you should be very careful for him, but as long as you train yourself well and having a good strategy, you may win as well. See you on the next article.


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