If you have been being a MOBA gamer for a long time, you must know that the role of support heroes in a team is extremely essential. Nonetheless, many players, especially newbies, do not think that they are. As a result, many random players within a team usually ignore the attendance of support heroes, while choosing the best support is really essential to win the battle.

In the current patch and/or season of Arena of Valor, as well as the previous before, there will be many heroes that claimed as the best ones, including support heroes. These best Arena of Valor heroes listed below are the most interesting heroes which have been used by the professionals. They stand with particular uniqueness and characteristics that make them strong in their own way.

Even though they appear on the list, regardless of the patch that is going to be changed at particular times, if you keep updating on AoV, you must be familiar with them. Here they are!


As expected from this big support hero, he can beat the enemies down with his hook. This hero is famous for his ability to pull out the enemies who finally, cannot help themselves. In other words, his also means that those enemies who have gone to his trap. Besides, Grakk has a great ultimate skill which will be very helpful for the team, especially during a team fight. This ultimate skill makes him able to suck the enemies who are in the same area as him. Therefore, this skill will be extremely useful to bring the enemies altogether and attack them together with the team.


Like a deer, like a woman, like a Payna. No one knows that behind her beautiful appearance, she is able to give a great back up for the team. One of the reasons why Payna appears in this list is that she got a unique ultimate skill. This ultimate skill makes her able to employ her skill while running. In addition, if we see Grakk can be employed as a tank, Payna is just another hero that will be helpful for the team by giving heal for her teammates. Nonetheless, still and all, she will be very attractive and dangerous at the same time during a team fight.


In the last update, we did not even see Cresht on the list of the best Arena of Valor heroes. However, in this update, he has successfully taken everyone’s attention. After getting some buffs, he got many changes, especially his rage that is getting better. His rage can be fulfilled fast without even letting out his skills. Therefore, he can get his rage full even just by walking. As a result, he will be ready for every team fight that may appear out of sudden. Besides, as with the previous heroes, his ultimate skill is one of the most interesting things that can help him tackle down the enemies during a team fight.


If Payna is a half human and a half deer, we see Lumburr is like a big stone that is alive. As expected from his big body, we see Lumburr as a strong support hero which is unbeatable as he got the best skills overall. If we see from his appearance, it has been obvious that in this role, he can be a great tank for the team. He has a great passive skill which gives an additional armor. Besides, he gets two active skills which make him able to beat the enemies down by decreasing the damage they make and a multi-function skill to engage and disengage. On the other hand, his ultimate skill is just amazingly amazing. This skill makes him able to lift up the enemies and pending the time in a quite long sequence—compared to other heroes with the same skill.

Good gamers, those are all the best Arena of Valor heroes who stand extremely awesome in the current patch update. If you have another recommendation of heroes, you can give a review and send it on the comment section below. Don’t forget to train yourself and keep updating on Arena of Valor latest news in this website. See you!


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