As one of the games that put a strong impression within the gamer society, Arena of Valor seems to be never tired of making new innovations by launching new heroes. Each release of new heroes brings up a different atmosphere of the games. How could it be so? As there are new heroes, there are also some heroes that will be the new strongest ones. Sometimes, the new heroes may also take the strong places that were previously taken by the old heroes.

In the current season, there are also some new Arena of Valor heroes that have successfully taken the gamers’ attention. They are claimed as the kings of this season. If you are wondering who they are, here is the list for you!



If you are wondering if there is a hero that has a strong and long-lasting good impression toward the gamers, Lauriel is the answer. Lauriel has been taking every player’s attention in the first place. She is able to make a great damage and run fast, thus she can tackle down the enemies easily if she is built with good items as well. Compared with other heroes with the same role as her, Lauriel’s passive skill is the best one among all. Nonetheless, you cannot hope too much on her active skill.

Lauriel has an ability to tackle down the enemies by making a slow effect of them that can be upheld up to 90% in a second. Moreover, if she can beat the enemies off and make a great damage, she will get an addition of HP up to 222 points. With such abilities, it is no wonder that Lauriel has been being everyone’s idol in Arena of Valor.



After discussing the beautiful Laurel, we are turning to another Arena of Valor hero that is as strong as Laurel, it is Murad. Murad is known as one of Arena of Valor heroes that have a fast and flawless mobility that makes him appears on this list. Murad has a lot of skills that support his position as an Assassin. Moreover, he has an ultimate skill that is called the lifesteal effect that makes him able to stay alive longer than other warriors. Therefore, if you find Murad in the opposite team, you must run back once you see him getting closer to you.


Another beautiful hero of Arena of Valor that can make to the list is Violet. This hero has been being claimed as one of the strongest Arena of Valor heroes that takes a role as a Marksman. As with Laurel, Violet has been being an idol since her first launch some seasons ago. The best thing you can find from this cute-looked girl is the combination of her skills. She got the Tactical Fire, a skill that has a great damage that will add more points of movement speed. Well, Tactical Fire is not the only skill she got, though. If you are interested, we are going to discuss Violet in the next articles.


The next hero that makes it on the list is Ryoma. This hero becomes one of the most adorable heroes due to his strong damage that will easily kill the enemies once they got his first beat. With a great ultimate skill as a Melee, Ryoma will be a great shield of your team, especially when he meets a Mage or Marksman hero. In addition, his pushing skill is another powerful thing that makes Ryona seems more precious in AoV.


The word “super” in his name describes him very well. As with other Supermen in another world, either fantasy or 3 dimensions, a superman has always been a representative of an unbeatable hero of the earth. In Arena of Valor, you will find this hero adored with his strong damage and magnificent skills. His Burst Damage is also claimed as one of the best and the greatest one among other Arena of Valor heroes’. Furthermore, he seems to be a complete pack with his CC effect that gives an additional power for him. He is also able to fly as other Supermen in another world. Amazing, isn’t him?

Good gamers, those are all the five best Arena of Valor heroes that are recommended for you. Don’t you think they are also the best heroes of this season? If you think so and you have tried to play with them, you can share your experience in the comment section below. See you in the next Arena of Valor updates!



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