Good gamers, if you are a true good gamer, you must be familiar with Point Blank, right? This game has been being the first and the most popular First-Person Shooter (FPS) game in some countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. Even though the atmosphere brought through this game is not really different from other FPS games such as CS:GO and PUBG, Point Blank has its own place within the gamer society. In addition, this game can be played by everyone with any ages. Therefore, it is no wonder that Point Blank can be this popular in the world.

Point Blank has two versions: PC and mobile. The first version that launched is the PC one, thus you should play it on the computer. After some years, the mobile version of Point Blank is launched as another innovation of its. Nonetheless, still and all, both versions will give a different feeling as both played in different media. Last week, we have discussed the tips and tricks of playing Point Blank in the mobile version. This week, we are going to discuss the gameplay of Point Blank in the computer or laptop version.

Many people want to play Point Blank on their PC. However, as we have known before, not all computers can be used to play Point Blank. Those PCs which has a big and great spec will, of course, win over those PCs with low spec. Nevertheless, you do not need to worry about that too much because now, we are going to share you some tips and tricks to play Point Blank in low spec PC—as what the title has already told you as well. If you want to do it well, pay attention and read these following passages carefully.

Checking the internet connection

The first thing you should have done is checking the internet connection. As we all know, Point Blank is an online FPS game. This also becomes the reason why internet connection plays an essential role in playing Point Blank in low spec PC. Therefore, before you start the game, make sure you have a normal internet connection to prevent the lag that will suddenly happen during your gameplay.

If you do not know how to check your internet connection, you can check in the Command Prompt menu. The only clue that your internet connection is good enough to play Point Blank is the disappearance of RTO or Request Timed Out. The appearance of RTO itself is a sign that your internet connection is weak. In addition, if you want to know the strength of your internet connection, you can check it on Internet Download Manager (IDM) software while you are downloading something.

Close the antivirus and other useless programs

The second thing you should do before playing Point Blank in low spec PC is closing the antivirus. Antivirus application may be important when you run other programs, but not Point Blank. This application should be non-activated as it will take a lot of RAM up to 50 MB that can affect the gameplay.

Besides, you should also turn off the useless applications, especially those which will start automatically or we call it as start-up programs. Why? As what we have told you before, the applications will take a lot amount of RAM that will affect toward the Point Blank program itself as this program takes a lot amount of RAM as well. If you want to close the applications, you can directly go to the Task Manager menu, turn to the Processes, give the useless applications a check and click End Process. After closing the useless programs, your RAM will be larger and your Point Blank program will run better.

Good gamers, those are the two tips you need to do before laying Point Blank in low spec PC. There are two more tips that we are going to share with you next week. Therefore, keep updating on this website and while waiting for the next post, you can start doing the two tips above. In addition, we will always remind you to look for gameplay videos of tourneys on YouTube or if you think that you have been competent enough, you can join some tournaments of Point Blank to train your gameplay. See you!


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