Hi, good gamers! Last week, we have discussed the tips you should do before playing Point Blank in low spec PC. There were two points that we have discussed before, such as setting the antivirus program and other useless program and checking the internet connection. In this article, we are going to show you other two points that will be very helpful for you to lay Point Blank successfully without any lag in a low spec PC.

At the end of the article, we will also share with you the tournaments of Point Blank that are currently upcoming, on-going or those that have passed for your reference. Well, yes, here we go!

Using the PB low setting

The first point that will be very helpful for you to start playing Point Blank in a low spec PC is putting the setting of Point Blank in a low setting. This menu can be found on the Options menu.

After clicking the Option menu, you can go forward to the Performance menu. In this Performance menu, you should make sure that all settings are low. The settings we mean here are the Texture, Quality, Reflection and Quality Effect. Meanwhile, you can turn off the Shadow Effect by turning it to Disable. This tips will be very helpful to make your gameplay run easier and better.

In addition, you should also pay attention to the setting of Display the video resolution. Both points can be found in the Video menu. You should put the resolution to 1024 x 768 with a low video resolution. You can also make the brightness setting low.

Make sure your computer or laptop has a proper specification

Even though you can do the three tips that we have told you in the previous post and the one that was just mentioned previously, there are still the minimum specification of your computer or laptop. First, your laptop should be in the Windows program with at least using the Windows 7. Furthermore, the memory or RAM that your computer or laptop should have is at least 1 GB. Nonetheless, it will be much better if it is more than 1 GB or at least 2 GB in total. Therefore, you will not force the Point Blank program too much on your laptop.

Good gamers, those are the rest of the tips you should do before playing Point Blank in low spec PC. We hope that those tips and the previous tips in the previous article will be helpful for you.

Now, we are going to inform you that Indonesian Point Blank National Championship (PBNC) 2018 has successfully held last month! Yeay! This tournament is an annual tournament that is held in Indonesia as the country where Garena, the developer of Point Blank, was born. The PBNC tournament itself becomes the goal of every Indonesian Point Blank players. Winning this tournament will be magnificent and give an excellent impression toward the players. Besides, this tournament will be a great place to introduce new teams as the new generations of Point Blank players.

The tournament took place on September 15th, 2018 in Balai Kartini, South Jakarta. There are a lot of Point Blank teams came to compete that day. They did a lot of efforts and struggled to win a big prize pool that is put up to IDR for the first winner. Woah! Amazing, isn’t it? Not only the players that can come in, but the society could also come to watch the tournament by buying the ticket. If they could not make it, they can also watch the tournament by the streaming menu that you can find on its website: esports.pb.garena.co.id.

After a lot of preliminary rounds, there are some teams that could successfully made it to the grand final. They are RRQ Endeavour, SOVBnzERXRNSDV, CAPCORN ID320, XCN vVv ENSKY-XG, THE RIME RESONANCE PRFS, BOOM ID W4NA87, Juggernaut WR9 AFS, ELITE8_DV, XGATE HRC PRFS WG, and many more.

For your information, Point Blank National Championship is only one of the tournaments that are hosted nationally by Garena. There are also some other tournaments that have their own characteristics and specifications of players, they are Point Blank Ladies Championship Season 2 and Point Blank School Competition 2018. You can also watch the tournaments by yourself or if you are interested, you can also register yourself in the next tournament.


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