Counter-strike: Global Offensive has been being a legendary game that is adored by millions of gamers around the world. This game comes up with a good impression that finally has successfully taken a lot of gamers’ attention from different countries in the world. This FPS game has a particular place within the gamer society that makes it popular in its own way, compared to other First-person Shooter games such as Point Blank and Playerunknown Battleground or PUBG.

As with other games, to make it more interesting, there is a tournament held annually for CS:GO. There are many types of CS:GO tournament such as the regional or national and the international ones. To win the game, whether it is in a tourney or in a daily gameplay, the players are required to build a great strategy along with a communicative and collaborative gameplay with the team.

Nonetheless, building a strategy is not an easy thing. This reason makes those players who can finally make to the high level or competition respected and claimed as masters. Well, if we discuss about the legends of CS:GO, there have been a lot of teams come a lot of countries around the world. However, still, the list of the legends are dominated by the teams come from the West. We can rarely find the legends from the East, especially the South East Asia, but now your wait is over!

We are going to introduce you to the Indonesian CS:GO players who can finally make it to the international tourney, it is the FACEIT Major London 2018! Needless to say, the tournament itself is held annually in London, UK. This tournament has never been failed in introducing new CS:GO players and spread the fun and enjoyment of playing CS:GO. With a big prize pool, it is no wonder that almost all of CS:GO players want to join this competition. For Indonesian people, specifically, there had been no gamer that can make it to the FACEIT Major London. Nonetheless, this year, two players have successfully bring Indonesia on the Legends Stage of CS:GO.

These two players are BnTeT and xccurate. Both players are Indonesians who join the Asian CS:GO team, the TyLoo team, and successfully appear as the first Indonesian CS:GO players. The appearance of BnTeT and xccurate makes a big chance towards Indonesian history of gaming in an international tourney.

Not only brought up Indonesia’s name on the stage, BnTet and xccurate also became the savior of their team, TyLoo itself. As both players get to the Legend Stage FACEIT Major: London 2018, TyLoo became one of the fortune teams that make it to the Legend Stage. Of course, they can make this achievement after struggling a lot in 5 gameplays.

In the first preliminary round, TyLoo could win over Gambit. Nonetheless, after won from Gambit, they cannot find the tastefulness of being a champion in the next rounds. In the second round, they competed against Ninja in Pijamas. In the next round, they also got defeated by OpTic Gaming. Until that time, they only get 1 point of 3 gameplays. Fortunately in the next round, they could win over the Renegades which made them got 2-2 points after all.

In the last round, they fought against Spirit with a lot of efforts. BnTet, xccurate, somebody, DD, and captainMo played very well and successfully tackled down the Spirit with two scores in two maps: 16-12 in the Overpass map and 25-23 in the Inferno map. This win made them got 3-2 points after all the games. It also means that the Indonesian CS:GO players, BnTet, xccurate, and other players in the TyLoo team will fight against 15 other CS:GO teams that come from different countries, such as FaZe Clan, MIBR, and Cloud9, the legends of the legends.

If you are a CS:GO enthusiast, BnTeT and xccurate themselves are actually familiar to many of CS:GO players, especially Indonesian. They are known as the players with the best strategy among others. BnTet, together with TyLoo team, has also appeared in some world tournament. Meanwhile, xccurate is famous with his magneficent play using the AWP. This reason makes it is logical that they can make it to the Legend Stage of FACEIT Major in London. Their appearance, additionally, has successfully brought up new spirit for Indonesian CS:GO players.


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