League of Legends is claimed as one of the most legendary MOBA games that ever exist in the world. This game employs many attributes that have never been failed in attracting the gamers. The fact that this game is played by around 100 millions of players every month proves that this game is very powerful. Therefore, it is no wonder that even nongamers have also heard this game.


If you are a newbie of this game, you must have known that you need to build a strategy to win the game, right? Nonetheless, not all beginners know how to play this game very well. Hence, here we are going to discuss the League of Legends tips that are obliged to be known by the beginners. Check these ones out!

Play different champions

When you just started to play the game, you do not need to get confused about the champion that you should choose. There is actually one thing that you can do to find which hero that suits you very well, it is playing different champions. Therefore, when you just started playing the game, you can try to use a different champion in every different gameplay. Hence, you will finally know which champion that you can play very well.

Play in one role

The second thing of this list of League of Legends tips for beginners is playing one role. Yes, only one role, until you can master that role. A role is actually complicated, there are the dos and don’ts of each role. Besides, you should also understand the items that are recommended for the role you take. With those reasons, playing a role for only once or twice times will not be enough to understand and master the role. Furthermore, if you have already mastered a role, you can also try to use another role, if you want.

Understand and focus on the map

The next tip is to understand the map. The map of LoL and other games might be similar, but they are actually different in some terms. Therefore, even though you are a master of Mobile Legends or Arena of Valor, you should also learn and understand the map of League of Legends. Besides, as with other MOBA games mentioned before, focus on the map is also essential for you. In case you are a beginner thus you do not know how powerful the map is, this small attribute will help you monitor the position of your teammates and the enemies, thus you can prepare your position very well.

Learning the hotkeys

What makes League of Legends maybe different with other particular MOBA games is the hotkeys. There are several hotkeys that you should understand as follows: Q, W, E, and R for Ability; F and D for Summoner’s Spell; B for Recall; Spacebar for making the camera focused on your champion; Tab to see the current condition of the gameplay; P to open the store. You can also change the hotkeys in a random position that you think will be comfortable for you.

Make the minions as your defense and stay away from the enemy’s turrets

The next is about our little friends, the minions. They may be small, they may be weak and the weakest, but they come altogether thus they can help you fight the enemies and give you a defense. If you attack an enemy together with the minions, the power that you and the minions give will be very powerful. Besides, if there is a sudden attack comes from an enemy, this attack will attack the minions first as if they are the shield of yours.

Moreover, you should also stay away from the enemy’s turrets, especially if you walk alone. The turret seems to be the most powerful attributes among others. It can give you a big damage and kill you in seconds. Therefore, do not ever dare to put yourself close with the turrets, except you come together with the minions and your teammates.

Good gamers, those are only a half of the League of Legends tips for beginners that we are going to share with you. Next week, we are going to discuss other 5 tips. Hence, keep yourself update on this website and do not forget to share your gaming experience below! See you!


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