As with other MOBA games, each hero on the League of Legends has their own role, one of them is support. Even though the Support heroes do not stand in the front line of the team, the existence of Support heroes is very essential for your team to win the gameplay. The main role of Support heroes is to protect their teammates during a team fight. They will also help by providing the vision map and help to fight in particular lanes.

There are several types of Support heroes, such as Tank, Poke, Kill, and Utility. Each of the types has their own capabilities and competency in doing their role. The list of the best Support heroes of League of Legends keeps upgrading as the game turned to another Patch. Now, if you are a beginner of the present Patch and want to try the best Support heroes on LoL, we are going to show you the best Support heroes that you can try to use. Here we go!


The first Support hero that appears on this list is Shen. Basically, Shen does not only take a role as a Support but also as a Toplaner. In playing as Support, he will be very powerful with many skills that he has. The first skill is the Spirit’s Refurge. This skill will be very effective and helpful for Shen’s defense. Spirit’s Refurge makes him able to block the attacks that come from the enemies. In addition, he has another skill called Stand United. Again, this skill is very helpful for him as it will give an extra of Shield. Besides, his skill of Shadow Dash can make the enemy attack against the enemy itself. Amazing, isn’t he?


If you see Braum from his appearance, you can guess that this hero is very powerful. His thick mustache, strong and enormous clothes, and a strong shield left a great impression toward this hero. In the latest Patch, he is famous as one of the best Support heroes on LoL. Needless to say, his big shield will give an addition of Shield points as what will also happen toward Shen.


The next Support hero that is recommended to be used in the present Patch is the handsome one, Taric. He is currently being every player’s adore and takes a lot of attention. He gets many skills that are all useful and effective to uphold the team’s and his defense as well. In other words, he is nearly perfect. The abilities he got such as Heal, Stun, Invulnerable and Shield are all helpful when your team is trapped in a team fight. They make Taric able to block and decrease the enemies’ strength of damage. In addition, Taric can even be more powerful if he gets some Keystones such as Aftershock and Guardian.


Alistar is another hero that is ruthless enough if we see through his appearance. His purple skin, red eyes and two strong and big horns on his head show how powerful this bull hero is. And yes, if you think that he is strong in the first place, your impression will never be wrong. Alistar is currently claimed as one of the best Support heroes on LoL this Patch. There are 3 types of skill that help him a lot when he appears as the Tank hero of the team. On the other hand, as with Taric, the Keytones such as Aftershock will be very effective to be employed with Alistar.

Tahm Kench

Tahm Kench is a great visualization of a cruel monster who will be ready whenever you want him to attack. There is one thing that is very interesting from this hero: he can eat his teammate. Yes, that’s a unique ability he has to give a protection toward his teammate. If you can use Tahm Kench very well, he will be a great fortune for the team. The Keystones that will be effective to be used with Tahm Kench are the Frozen Mallet, Glacial Augment, and again, Aftershock.

Good gamers, those are all the five best Support heroes on LoL that are recommended for you. If you think you need to sharpen your skill, we, again, recommend you to watch the LoL tournaments on YouTube or join some daily tournaments that are updated every day on


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