Mobile Legends is another best game that takes the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) as its mode. This game currently becomes every gamers’ adore. As with other MOBA games, Mobile Legends has a lot of heroes with different roles. To master a particular role on Mobile Legends, you need to have a good strategy and know very well about the role. One of the roles that you can find in Mobile Legends is Mage heroes.

Mage is a role on Mobile Legends which requires a lot of strategies. This kind of heroes, typically, do not stay in the mid lane. Those who stay in the mid lane are usually called as Marksman. However, you may or may not realize that in some gameplay, you can find some Mage heroes protect the mid lane. Hm… are they staying in the wrong position? Is it okay for a Mage to protect the Mid Lane?

Yes. It is also possible that Mage in mid lane is very powerful. They can even be more powerful than the Marksman. However, you need some strategies to strengthen your Mage hero in the mid mane. If you are interested to challenge yourself by being a Mage that protects the mid lane, these following strategies will be effective for you to employ. Check this one out!

Minimize the damage

If you choose a Mage hero and play in the middle lane, you should minimize the damage you make. How will you do that? You can minimize the damage by minimizing the fight, of course. There are some heroes, mostly the Marksman, who bravely go to a fight directly just after the game starts. If you see the fight, you can avoid the fight to minimize the damage that you get. Instead of getting in a fight, you can walk and kill the minions that walk in the middle lane.

Overall, the key to being a Mage in mid lane is to have a great defense thus your team’s defense will also be upheld. Why? Your position is in a rivalry with the enemy’s Marksman which will be a great threat for you and your team if the Marksman suddenly comes and attack while you have already damaged.

Find the Exp and Gold quickly

We do understand that the duty of farming is not the Mage’s, but when you are in the middle line, you also need to do that. You need to kill the minions, even you do not have a quick move to kill them. Nonetheless, giving them the last hit will be very effective for you, especially when you see a teammate around. Another key to being a Mage that protects the middle line is that you have to find the Exp and Gold as much and as soon as possible. Do not ever stop to find them until you can get a high level that you can be as strong as the enemy’s Marksman. What to note is that you cannot fight by yourself, try to look for a partner.

Stay alive

Another tip related to your position as Mage in the middle line is staying alive, especially in the early game. From the previous discussions, do you get an idea that heroes that stay in the middle line are that precious? When the middle line is getting robbed by the enemies, it also means that your team’s defense also gets tackled down. Meanwhile, the first thing that they will do to tackle down the middle lane is by killing the hero that protects the area.

When the mage in midline has been tackled down two times, it has already over for you and your team. Therefore, when there is a Marksman or other heroes of the enemy’s team come to you, make sure you have a strong defense together with your teammates. If your teammates cannot come and help, you can ask them to protect the turret of the mid lane.

Well, those three are the tips for those who want to play a Mage in the middle lane. Nevertheless, there are a lot more tips for that, thus in the next article, we are going to talk about this again! Therefore, be prepared and keep updating on this website. See you, good gamers!


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