Hi, good gamers! In the last article, we have discussed the tips for Mage in mid lane. If you have missed the article, you can see in the Mobile Legends tab in the menu above. Well, after discussing the three tips, we are going to tell you some other tips that will be effective to be employed while you use a Mage in the middle lane position. We are not going to give a lot of introduction here, so here we go!

Find and kill the monster jungle

If you have already familiar with Mobile Legends, the existence of monster jungle must be familiar too for you. Compared to the heroes, the monster jungles have a worse competency in fighting. Therefore, if you are attacking one of them, you do not have to worry too much, especially if you have built your hero with the best items that suit him well.

Nonetheless, killing the monster jungle will be as great as killing the minions. In Mobile Legends, killing the ‘attributes’ of the lane is called as farming. We do understand that the Marksman will be very good in doing this, but as you choose a Mage to stand in the middle lane, you should have done so. If you cannot do this alone, you can also ask your teammates to kill and clean the middle lane from the monsters.

Pay attention to the maps

The minimap may be just a ‘mini’ thing, but it is as essential as other attributes. If you are a legend of Mobile Legends, I bet that you have understood the importance of maps, right? The existence of the map will help you know the position of the enemies. Therefore, you can avoid a sudden attack or a sudden appearance of the enemy, especially when they are going to team up to break particular turret. It can also help you consider the position or action you should take when one of your teammate is under the enemy’s attack.

If you are a Mage in mid lane, it is important for you to pay attention to the map during the farming. Hence, you will know the position of the minions. Besides, if you find no enemy appears in the map, you must be ready for a sudden appearance of them. Therefore, make sure you are not dead in the early game or getting damaged as what we have discussed in the previous article.

Believe in yourself

The next tips of being a Mage in mid lane is believe in yourself. This tip is actually a key of every play in any game. Believing in yourself means that you can do whatever you want to do. Yes, you should have a great communication with your teammate who either picked randomly by the system or those who stay beside you. Nonetheless, if one of your teammates gives you a silly command to attack or something but you find it wrong, you do not have to do that. What you should remember is that gaming is only playing a ‘game’. You are playing to have fun, thus either finally you win or lose the game, it does not really matter.

In addition, you need to believe in your teammate. We do understand that sometimes it is hard to do so because in some gameplays, the system chooses you random teammates who are not the masters, but believe us, treating your teammate nicely will make a great environment of game. Therefore, during the game, you should also protect and give a back up to your teammate, no matter how silly they are.

Good gamers, those are all the tips for Mage in mid lane. We do hope that the two articles that we make will help you go across the limitation of Mage heroes that they naturally do not protect the middle lane. Last but not least, we are going to inform you about the Indonesian Mobile Legends tournament that is upcoming this month! It is DUNIA GAMES LEAGUE, an Indonesian tournament that will be started on October 21st 2018. Register your team before October 20th 2018 and be the next Mobile Legends champions! I’ll be excited to see you win!


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