PUBG Mobile is another innovation of FPS game that makes you able to play such game everywhere. In the last years, you can only play PUBG on a computer, but today, you can feel the excitement of playing this game on the bus, class, or while waiting for your friends in the restaurant. Even though the game is played in a different device with the ordinary PUBG, there are also several strategies that you need to have in playing PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile tips

When we are talking about strategies, there are basically two branches of it: do and don’t. Last week, we have already discussed the dos and don’ts of another FPS games, and now we are going to give you some of PUBG Mobile tips. We will be specifically discussing the things that you need to avoid in playing PUBG Mobile. Read these following tips carefully and get the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner easily!

Do the landing in the worst place

Landing is one of the topics that writers usually talk about on their list of PUBG Mobile tips, and yes, it will be on this list too. Landing is an essential part of the game that you need to pay attention to. Why it can be that important? Because after landing, you can do looting and compete with other players to get the best items on the game. This action, therefore, become a golden chance for you to keep survive during the gameplay.

Nonetheless, some players of PUBG do wrong in landing. Yes, they are landing in the worst place where other players might never think about this place at all. First, they will say that they can get a lot of items without competing too much. However, the items you get will be worse than what you’ve expected. Second, they will say that it is overall better but we say, gaming is about competing, thus make sure you have a good strategy to hide and fight the enemies while doing the looting instead of giving up in the first place.

Running too much

If you watch a lot of movies with the army as their main characters, you may see the armies run a lot. However, it seems like running is not the best thing to do on PUBG Mobile, especially when you are staying in a wide area. In such land, you can find many vehicles around that can help you a lot. If you run too much, it will be easy for the enemies to detect your position. Hence, as long as you can find a vehicle, you can use them to run from the enemies. Besides, running will also leave your footprint on the ground. Overall, it will be so easy to catch and kill you down.

Playing alone

There is a mode in the PUBG Mobile that you can apply. It is the team squad mode. You will be playing with some friends, but if you do not have a partner by your side, the system will find you randomly. In other words, you will be playing together with strangers in a team.

Nevertheless, it is natural that we find many dirty things in the teamplay environment. You need to do a great communication skill between the teammates whose names are unknown. We do understand that it will be very difficult and there is a situation where your strange teammates cannot do what you have expected. However, no matter how painful your teammates are, you cannot play alone. You should also take care of them by doing like backing up or something.

Good gamers, those are the PUBG Mobile tips of the things you should avoid in the gameplay. Make sure you understand and employ each of the points very well thus you can get the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner easily. Last but not least, we will always remind you to watch the professionals’ play as their strategies will be very helpful for you. Even though they are playing in the PC mode, there is no any difference with the Mobile one though. Besides, you can also ask your friend to play together. Next week, we are going to talk about other PUBG Mobile tips too, thus make sure you’ll keep updating on this website. See you!



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