Hi, Good Gamers! Last week, we have already discussed the new hero on Arena of Valor. His name is Wiro Sableng, one of the characters in Indonesian novel. The appearance of Wiro Sableng and other new heroes on AoV makes people attracted more to this game. However, still, AoV is not an easy game that you can master with only a day or two days playing. This game needs particular skill and strategies to win.

Now, if you are one of the new players of AoV, you must be wondering what kind of skill that you should have, how to improve your skill, how to play effectively and of course, how to win the game? If you are doing so, this article is the best solution for you. Today, we are going to tell you some of AoV tips that are done by masters and recommended in many of gaming websites. Here they are!

Understanding the heroes

The first thing you have to do is understand the heroes. Arena of Valor is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) which has a lot of heroes. Each hero has their own skills and characteristics. It means that you cannot apply a particular item to a hero which will not get more powerful with the item. Besides, each of the heroes also has their own type such as tank, mage, assassin, fighter, marksman, and support. You really need to understand each type of heroes. There is also another term called ‘role’ which is divided into four roles: carry, initiator, crowd control, and jungler.

After you understand the roles of the heroes, you should also understand the next term called specialty. Each of the heroes will get their own specialty such as charge, reap, poke, push, burst damage and regen. It is actually a bit hard to understand, it will also take time as well, but it is all worth it, I guess.

Mastering Different Types of Heroes

Another point comes up as another AoV tips of this list, it is mastering different types of heroes. This point will be very effective when you play on the solo ranked mode. In playing Arena of Valor, you should play with a hero that you feel most comfortable with. You should be in the best position you think you will enjoy it. Therefore, to know which hero defines you, you can try to play in various positions.

It will also be useful when your hero, unexpectedly, is banned by the enemies because they think that your hero is extravagantly awesome thus it will be difficult to fight with yours. If you have already mastered another type of hero, you will never be trapped or worry in such a situation, right?

Positive mindset and attitude

In the last article about Point Blank, I also give some tips, one of them is staying psychologically positive. This tips should also be employed in other games as well. If you keep your mindset positive and affirmatively think that the screens in front of your face are merely a game, being lost or win is not a thing to consider.

Besides, you should also keep your positive attitude toward your teammate and your enemies. What you should remember is that you do not work alone, thus you should treat the others very well even though they are random teammates. The trashy chat is also a thing to avoid. Make sure you are not trashy and talkative so much thus the gameplay will run effectively.

Watch the masters play

After all AoV tips above, the last thing I want you to remember is to watch the masters play. Watching the professionals’ gameplay will make you motivated and challenged to do the same. They will also show you the usual strategies they use that make them win. If you want to watch them directly, I am going to give you a recommendation of annual AoV event that you can watch.

There is an AoV annual tournament called AoV Star League or ASL. This tournament is held in Indonesia. The tournament becomes a medium for Indonesian AoV players to compete in the international event. If you are interested, you can join and watch the performances of Indonesian AoV masters. I do believe that in the following years, it might be your name that would be in the championship chairs.


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