Last week, we have already discussed many MOBA games such as Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends, and League of Legends. Now, we are going to talk about another MOBA game that is still a MOBA game with some particular similarities with the former discussion ones, yet having some special characteristics that are different from them. Yes, DotA 2 has been taking every MOBA gamers attention as well as other games.

Before today, as if you see in the tabs, we have posted some articles about DotA 2 that brought up the tips about heroes, mostly. Now, we are going to discuss DotA 2 easy tips that will work for beginners. Hence, if you are a beginner and still do not know what you should do with this game, you can read some tips listed below. We do guarantee that all the following tips are not hard to do. Therefore, keep reading on!

Stop using the auto-attack


The first DotA 2 easy tips you should do is stop using the auto-attack. In DotA 2, as well as other games, you will find particular terms related to the attack of the game. There is a term called the “last hit” which is claimed as an important mechanism you should monitor on. Auto-attack is another term that is related to the last hit. Using the auto-attack will make you find the “last hit” difficult. Besides, most of auto-attack will bring you to a dangerous area. It specifically brings your hero near the enemy’s tower by pulling the hero’s creep.  Hence, your position will be dangerous because the opposing team can attack you easily.

Never ignore the minimap

There is one behavior that both beginners and experts may ignore, peeking to the minimap. Yes, the minimap is a small map which only gets a small area in the corner of the screen. However, you are obligated not to ignore it at all. Why? From this map, you will be able to see the position of the enemies. Therefore, you can consider the steps you take and the strategy you may use to attack the enemy. Nevertheless, if you find no enemy on the map, you must be aware and find a safe place for your defense as the enemy might be on the way of attacking one of your team. It may be your hero though.

Taking rune in the river

Rune is a medium on DotA 2 that will help you hold up the enemies. There are two points up and down the river where you can find the rune. It will appear in every 2 minutes. This light bonus also has many types. The first type is called Bounty. Bounty appears in the first minutes of the gameplay. This rune will give extra gold that will be helpful for stubbing your enemies. Following Bounty, there will also be other types of rune such as Double Damage, Invisibility, Haste and Arcane. All of them are beneficial and effective to be used as the medium of stabbing the enemies.

Save your money

The last DotA 2 easy tips is saving your money, especially in buying items. There is one item that becomes the belle of other items, the Boots of Speed. Many of the beginners are usually attracted to this item. Boots of Speed is a great item which will help you get 45 Movement Speed. This item is sold for 400 golds. Yes, a bit expensive and not really recommended to be bought before you buy other more important items. Therefore, before you spend your money to buy the Boots of Speed, other items such as Tango, Healing Salve, Iron Branch, Clarity, Magic Stick, and other influential items would be worth to buy at the beginning of the games.

Those are all 4 DotA 2 easy tips for beginners. Easy, aren’t them? Despite those tips, I also recommend you to watch the tournaments of DotA 2. One of the upcoming tournaments of DotA 2 is The Kuala Lumpur Major. This tournament is the next biggest tournament held after The International 2018 in last August. The Kuala Lumpur Major will be held in Kuala Lumpur from November 9 to 18, 2018. Make sure you come and watch the best performances of DotA 2 there. See you!


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