Mobile Legends, one of the best Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games that are currently being adored by millions of gamers in the world, is currently going to a new season this month. As like the previous seasons, Moonton brings up a new atmosphere and upgrade on its game. There are many changes of items and the most important one, heroes. Yes, the number of heroes on Mobile Legends is also affected by the upgrade of the season.

As with the previous season, Moonton has launched new heroes with fresh skills, strengths, and mechanisms in Mobile Legends Season 10. As a Mobile Legends player, you must be curious about the new upgrade coming from Moonton this season, right? To end your curiosity, we are going to give you a brief explanation about each of the best and recommended Mobile Legends heroes of this season.


Hayabusa is the first Assassin hero that appears in this list. Many players give a good impression toward the action of this hero, and that is exactly why he is put on the list. Hayabusa gets a rework skill that has been well-improved and developed by Moonton. Without using Mana, he will be able to do farming easily and quickly. His competence in doing farming is supported by his ultimate skill as well, thus you can start farming and/or farming buff in the first place.


The next recommended hero is Gusion. Appears with his elegant looks, this hero does not only have a great appearance, but also great skills as a Mage Assassin. A lot of Mobile Legends players have admitted that Gusion is an easy-to-play-with in any conditions. He can be a good jungler hero yet able to put himself as a laner hero with a great damage that he makes. He is powerful with his Magic Damage which helps him tackle down the enemies’ defense. Furthermore, he is also known powerful in attacking the enemy’s marksman or mage.


If you are good at playing Mobile Legends heroes that are in the mode of tank, Minotaur would be the best hero that you can use to play in Mobile Legends Season 10. Minotaur is famous in two modes: tank and support. In the last seasons, he has been taking many players’ attention that now they also claim that Minotaur has a great damage and heal that can give you a win if you play with them properly. Still, timing is one essential factor that influences a lot toward his skill’s power. Make sure you maximize the use of his skills, especially in the Rage Mode.


From his appearance, we might know that he is one of powerful Mobile Legends heroes that you should not ignore, and yes, such impression is true though. Thamuz or the Lord Lava is claimed as another fighter hero that needs to be monitored and appreciated in this season, even though not many people employ him. He got many skills that can make a great damage once he blasts an attack off. On a par with his big body, he has a fast cooldown skill that helps a lot after a fight. The last but not least, he got a lifesteal skill that supports him to stay alive longer.


The last and the best hero among other Mobile Legends heroes of this season is the Assassin hero, Helcurt. This hero was predicted to be the first and the best hero that many players would use in every war. His power gets more excellent, especially his ultimate skills that makes the whole game arena dark. Besides, he will also able to add the Attack and Movement Speed for around 8 seconds. Similar with Hayabusa, he also has a great ability in doing farming. Moreover, his passive skill makes him able to lock the enemy’s movement thus they cannot use any of their skills. Amazing, isn’t he?

Good players! Those are all the top 5 Mobile Legends heroes that are going to be put in the chart of best heroes of Mobile Legends Season 10. Now, if you are a confident player of Mobile Legends and want to develop your skills, we’d like to invite you to register your team in the BK Online Tournament Season #01 that will be held on October 19th, 2018 with IDR 5.200.000 total prize pool! Are you interested to join? Register your team as soon as before October 18th, 2018.


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