For the last 10 years, Point Blank has always been being on the top list of games in the world. This game takes the concept of First-Person Shooter (FPS) concept in which the players should shoot and kill the enemies to win the game. Until today, millions of people keep themselves feel the euphoria and excitement of playing Point Blank. Some of them have already been masters, some of them were just started to play two or three days ago.

If you are one of the players in the second category, it means that you really need a direction to play Point Blank. Yes, kid, playing Point Blank is not an easy thing, thus you need to understand any single aspects that a master wouldn’t ignore. Hence, here we are going to give you some Point Blank tips that will be useful for your gameplay. Don’t get out of your seat and be ready to be the next master of Point Blank!

Set your computer as best as possible

The first aspect you need to consider very much is the computer’s setting. The first point, you need to make sure that your internet connection is strong enough. Many players were very close to being the champion of their match, but they were lost due to a lag that is caused by a sudden internet attack. This is not a funny accident at all, right? Besides, you also need to set other things related to the computer such as the sensitivity of the mouse. Make sure you set the sensitivity of the mouse on a flexible level in which you will feel easy to play with. Therefore, there will be no any more obstacle during the gameplay.

Keep yourself psychologically positive

There are two points involved in this Point Blank tips: First, don’t be panic. Second, control your emotion. Overall, it is about being psychologically positive. For newbies, yes, we do understand that it is your first time playing this, thus sometimes you think being panic is just a “adrenaline shock”. Well, yes, I do tolerate, but once only, okay? Make sure you keep yourself calm because being panic will also be dangerous for your team’s position. It is also possible that a panic attack will not get to the right person, right? What if you cannot control the shot and it attacks your own teammate? Not funny at all, isn’t it?

Second, controlling emotion. If you are still a teenage, controlling emotion might be one of the best and the hardest homework that you should highlight on. Controlling your emotion means not to be easily triggered if your “person” is being killed or another thing that less bad scenario, your teammate is being killed, who knows? Besides, you also need to control your attitude toward your teammate and your enemy.

Keep doing a reload

As we all know, Point Blank is categorized as an FPS game. Therefore, reloading bullets becomes an essential thing during the gameplay. Make sure you have enough bullets and keep doing a reload in proper times. When will reloading be effective? You can reload your bullets after doing an attack or killing an enemy. Besides, make sure the environment is safe enough for you to do a reload. You can do a reload behind the walls or other things that can be your defense. In addition, paying attention to the timing would be very essential as well.

Pay your attention to the minimap

Even though the existence of minimap is obviously THERE, many of Point Blank players still ignore this point. They think that the minimap will not that helpful, while they actually can do no monitoring thing without the minimap. Point Blank has always been related to your tricks in keeping the defense. Hence, as with the true armies, you cannot move without any monitor. You need to be calm and think the best strategy to make sure that your position is not threatened. Besides, the minimap would also be helpful to avoid an immediate attack coming from the enemies.

Good gamers, those are all the underrated Point Blank tips that are usually being ignored by the players. Now, if you are interested in Point Blank, I recommend you to be update of Indonesian national Point Blank championship. This year, the event has successfully held in August 2018. I do hope that next year you and your team will be on the list of participants too!


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