We all know that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular games in the world. This game brings up an environment in which the players should pick a side of terrorism or in contrast, choose the counter-terrorism one. Having various maps with various powerful weapons, it is no wonder that the game can be addictive toward all of its players.

Nonetheless, if we are wondering what is the most important tips to win CS:GO, there is only one answer of all: having a good strategy. Yes, in playing such game, the strategy is the only key to win. What about weapons? Choosing weapons is also a part of the strategy, right? Therefore, if you are still a beginner in this game and looking for some effective CS:GO tips you can employ during your freshman status, here are some explanations and list about the DOs and DON’Ts on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Check this one out!


  1. Use the fake plant for an easy kill. Doing this step will give you a big chance to kill and tackle down the enemies. The thing you need to do is holding E until you hear a sound then make sure you can get your gun out as well.
  2. Employ the molotovs and make sure you can clear the common spots from enemies. Besides, watching on them being panicked after being attacked would be a nice thing too.
  3. Find the most effective and optimal area to plant your bomb. If you think planting the bomb in a safe and quiet area would be a good solution, you better ignore it all and start planting them in places where you think its function would be ideally optimal.
  4. Learn about the plants. Not only about strategy, before you start the game, but you also need to learn about various terms in CS:GO, including the plants. Make sure you understand how each bomb or plant works, where they would be optimal to be planted in, and when is the best time to use it.
  5. Flashing in for your teammate. CS:GO needs a harmonious teamwork to win. Flashing in for your teammate is one of other CS:GO tips that is proved effective. How to do this stuff? You can check it on YouTube or directly watch the annual tournament.
  6. Be good to your teammate. As from we know before, the role of teamwork takes an influential effect toward the player and the whole team. Therefore, make sure you treat them politely an make a good collaboration and strategy to win.


  1. Stop holding the mouse after killing an enemy. If you have already killed an enemy in 10 bullets, you better not to hold down the mouse and keep yourself aware of any immediate attack that possibly appears.
  2. Dare yourself to do a reload in a dangerous spot. There are some spots with the bad luck of yours and your team. You can also pass the spot but make sure you still have enough number of bullets to defend yourself.
  3. Be lavish while you do not deserve to. Yes, I do understand you need to buy a lot of exclusive and expensive stuff to win. However, when it comes to small stuff such as helmet, you better not to buy it, especially when you know that your enemies have AWP or AK’s.
  4. Standing next to another person. If you see a friend tries to peek on in a close angle, you better stay away from him because his possibility of being tackled down is high though.
  5. Flaming your teammate. Similar to the list of DOs, this list of DON’Ts ends with a teamwork attitude. Again, be good to your teammates and never flame them.

Those are all the CS:GO tips on the DOs and DON’Ts that you should know as beginners. If you want to know how the masters hit the winner list, I recommend you to come to watch or train yourself by joining the tournaments of CS:GO that is held almost every day on the internet. For instance, the “for fun” tournament that is hosted by Miko Tournaments is currently opened for registration. You can see other tournaments listed on toornament.com as well.


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