Hi! It has been a long time to see League of Legends image appears on this website. Now, after having a fun discussion about Playerunknown’s Battleground and Arena of Valor, let us move to another magnificent game, League of Legends or better known as LoL. This game seems to be a true legendary league between legendary champions with their own type of strength. As with other MOBA games, the list of the strongest champions on League of Legends does exist. One of the heroes attached to the table is AKALI.

Still, all heroes on League of Legends have their own skills that are strong in their own way. If you can build them well, I guarantee you a win. Akali is an example of an a-bit-underrated best champion on LoL. If you are a beginner player of League of Legends, you may not know Akali very well because it is a bit hard to master this champion. You need time and more practice with Akali to master this hero well. Now, if you are curious about this legend, these following tips will be useful for you to be master Akali.

Know your position

The first thing you need to highlight is knowing your position. Akali is a skillful champion that should be put in the right way. There are two best skills that Akali has: Twilight Shroud and Shadow Dance. Both skills can be useful yet dangerous for Akali’s position as well. How could it be either useful or dangerous? YOU DECIDE. You take control of Akali, you do control the amount of the skill used. The more extreme the use of both skills, the more dangerous it would be. Why? When you use the skills enormously, the damage made would not be effective or maximum. As a result, you can be killed easily, especially in a team fight.

Then, what should you uphold during a team fight? When you put Akali in a team fight, make sure you stay behind the enemy’s line to tackle down their Support. Keep staying in that area, do not dare yourself to come in and fight a Tanker. In this position, a Tanker will be a great rival of you which can beat you down and lose a lot of your HP down.

Skills to be used in particular positions and conditions

There are some skills you need to highlight to master Akali. The first skill is the passive one, it is called the Twin Disciplines. This skill is one of the most impressive skills that Akali has which makes this hero adorable, especially during her action in the center of the lane. The main benefit you will get is the additional damage. The first auto attack will recover your HP and the second one will give an additional On-Hit Magic Damage. This damage can be added up to 100 points.

The second skill is Mark of Assassin. This skill will be very useful to be used in the lane. If you play and direct Akali to the middle of the lane, you can use this skill to spam and kill the minions in the mid lane. Besides, this skill is effective to be used in poking the enemies in case you stand in some distances. Furthermore, this skill will also be effective to attack an enemy. The Mark of Assassin skill will tackle down the enemy and give you a feedback at the same time. You will get an additional Magic Damage and getting restored Energy up to 40 points.

In addition, the Mark of Assassin skill will be more powerful if it is combined together with other skills as follows: Shadow Dance, Hextech Gunblade, Crescent Slash. Meanwhile, the Twilight Shroud skills will be a great support for the combination of all four skills. Are you curious what are the superb things of those skills? We’re going to talk about that next week! Make sure you keep updating on this website to read the next tips to master Akali on League of Legends!

By the way, still, about League of Legends, I am going to inform you that the most spectacular League of Legends tournament is currently being held this month! Yes, the League of Legends World Championship! Make sure you get your YouTube account on and keep updating on the tournaments!


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