Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has been being an addictive drug to its player around the world. Once you play it and getting addicted, there seems no way to go out. Therefore, as this game deserves so much love, PUBG has also brought its euphoria on mobile with the launching of PUBG Mobile. Since its first launching, the number of PUBG players has always been increasing. However, I do guarantee that some of them have ever been BANNED!

Yes, being banned also means being restricted in many ways. If you have experienced this problem without knowing why, I bet you have never read the agreement or let’s say, the “rules” of PUBG Mobile, but no worries, I’d be glad to tell why. The key is that being banned on PUBG Mobile is a consequence of having done a violation toward the agreement. Here are the explanations why many accounts are banned.

  1. You have done an ILLEGAL TOP UP

The first reason why your account is banned is an illegal top up. As we know, there are many items sold on PUBG Mobile. Yes, I do understand that all the items are expensive and some of us may think that the price is not worth it. However, being a gamer also means being honest. If you want to cheat on the price by using illegal top up, PUBG Mobile system has already been smart enough—even smarter than some people—to detect any single illegal movement from its player. Rather than using such cheating and dishonest things, you better save money or collect the vouchers.

  1. Being a LEECHER

What does a leecher mean in PUBG Mobile? Leecher means you are in the position of being an ordinary player without any illegal top up or cheat, but your teammate is and you do take a benefit from him being a cheater. If you have ever been in that position, getting banned is a good step though, I support. Nevertheless, if you are a good boy and do not want to get banned, you better leave your cheater teammate—it means leaving the room as well. Moreover, you can also report what your teammate has done. Hence, it is better to keep yourself careful and aware of such violations made by someone else in the team.

  1. You are IMPOLITE

If you think politeness only matters in real life, you get it wrong too much. In gaming, politeness does matter, especially when you work in a team. In PUBG Mobile, an impolite player is called TOXIC. In playing a game, you should keep your attitude by respecting your teammate and treat them nice as well. Do not ever being offensive to them as you guys will work as a team and being humble is the key of a teamwork. Besides, you should be polite to the enemies by not humiliating them even though you are being tackled down or stuff.

  1. The MISUSE of bug

The next reason why your account is being banned on PUBG Mobile is probably the misuse of bug. Some players will directly use a bug once they found it. However, using a bug is not the right way though. If you have found a bug, you better report it directly to the company or the developer rather than employ it too much. If you do not do that, your account will be banned as the consequence.

  1. You are CHEATING

The last and the worst reason why your account is banned on PUBG Mobile is that you are cheating. Some of the PUBG Mobile players want an instant win by hacking the program. However, they may or may not realize that such cheating way will bring the worst consequence that their account may be banned. Therefore, if you are being banned with this reason, I recommend you not to play any game anymore. Why? Because play a game also means that you are ready and dedicate yourself to be a sportive player. You ready to win and ready to lose as well.

Good players, with all those reasons, we can conclude that being banned means having done a violation of PUBG Mobile agreement. Now, if you want to know how good players play PUBG without any cheat or hacking stuff, I recommend you to come and watch the PUBG tournaments: PUBG Korea League Season 2 that will be held from October 1st to November 23rd. Make sure you are ready to be the next champion of the next PUBG tournaments!


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