Arena of Valor or better known as AoV is famous for its innovations in launching new heroes and warriors that are all interesting for MOBA-addicted players. In Indonesia, the number of AoV players keeps increasing as time goes by. Therefore, to make the game more interesting, AoV tries to attract more people in Indonesia, so do in other countries, by launching new heroes inspired by Indonesian warriors called Wiro Sableng.

After Gatot Kaca’s appearance in Mobile Legends, Wiro Sableng becomes another Indonesian hero that is being launched in a MOBA game. Wiro Sableng itself is a character of Indonesian novel written by Bastian Tito. This novel tells the story of a warrior called Wiro Sableng who has a weapon named Kapak Maut Naga Geni 212 that makes him strong. There are some descriptions about how AoV’s Wiro Sableng works in the Arena of Valor as follows.

  1. A magnificent warrior and tank

In the Arena of Valor, you can choose Wiro Sableng as a warrior or tank. Wiro Sableng has a passive skill and three active skills that support him in both positions. His role as a tank or warrior is also supported by his ability to be alive after being killed. Many game reviewers on YouTube stated that Wiro Sableng is a crazy hero that can make a high damage on his rivals. Compared to other tank heroes, Wiro Sableng is claimed as one of the strongest ones. Therefore, this hero will be a good choice for you who want to make a clear, obvious attack that impacts a little for your hero’s life.

  1. Passive skill: Sacred 212

One of the best passive skills that Wiro Sableng has is the Sacred 212. This skill is the most impressive skill that the AoV players adore from AoV’s Wiro Sableng. The Sacred 212 makes Wiro Sableng able to be alive again after getting tackled down. This hero will get recovered with a 60% blood recovery. Still and all, the hero will also be stuck in a specific time. Wiro Sableng will get to a condition called “meditation” in which he cannot move or be controlled. This meditation progress will be last for 4.5 seconds. Besides, his physical and magic defense will also be decreased by around 25%.

  1. First active skill: 212 Axe

Another impressive skill that Wiro Sableng has is his first active skill called 212 Axe. This active skill makes him able to bring the strength of Kapak Maut Naga Geni 212 out. What makes this skill more powerful is the continuous attack, damage, and stuff. After we employ this skill, the next three normal attacks that we do will get damage and an additional attack distance. Moreover, those normal attacks make AoV’s Wiro Sableng able to fly the enemies up to the sky. Interesting, isn’t it? This shows how powerful the strength and ability that Wiro Sableng has.

  1. Second active skill: Tornado Fist

Tornado Fist is another powerful active skill that Wiro Sableng has. This skill becomes another reason why Wiro Sableng becomes an adorable hero in the Arena of Valor. This skill makes him able to push the enemies out. He will be using his hand that is full of the power and strength of his 212 power. Needless to say, the push he makes brings a high physical damage toward his enemies. Some of the attacks made can also push and pull an enemy to a wall that finally, increases the damage made. Besides, if the attack hits a tower, it will get a high damage as well.

  1. Ultimate skill: Sunray Fist

As with other Arena of Valor heroes, Wiro Sableng also has an ultimate kill called Sunray Fist. Again, this skill is related to his expertise in playing with his 212 axe. This skill makes him able to make an explosion that appears after he hits his ax to the ground. Nonetheless, he can only use the skill after he compiles the energy in the first place. The more energy he collects, the more damage and the explosion distance he can make.

Those are all the descriptions on how AoV’s Wiro Sableng becomes one of the best and strongest tank or warrior in the Arena of Valor. If you want to challenge yourself with Wiro Sableng, you can join some ongoing AoV tournaments such as Kejohanan Esports HSN 2018. This tournament will be held from 13th to 14th October 2018 with RM 2,800 prize in total. Make sure you attend the tournament and be the next champion of Arena of Valor!


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