Defense of the Ancients 2 or so-called with DotA 2 is actually designed from World of Warcraft 3 map where the players choose the best hero to battle with another player around the world. The concept that was brought DotA 2 attracted the millions player and also to be the main influencer of other game with similar genre nowadays like Paladins and League of Legends (LoL). Besides, the main objectives of this game are defending the base and conquering the enemy’s base. Therefore, choosing the right hero has the vital role to determine your winning, moreover, you are still the newbie on this game.  In the previous article, I only wrote about 3 heroes that actually easy for the beginner, but today I will extend another 4 heroes for a beginner in order to enrich the hero  In fact, there are 7 heroes that must be played by newbie players.  Here we are going to explain to you intensely about top 4 best DotA heroes for a newbie player. Don’t get up from your seat and here is the list. Let’s check it out!

  1. Axe


One of the best DotA heroes ever exist in DotA 2 is the Axe Mogul Khan. He has the big enough power to destroy any creeps at level 1. This hero equipped with Counter Helix as his first and third skill. Many players of Axe utilize the ability of this hero to block the enemy’s creeps as the main strategy. In consequence, you will get both gold and experience faster than others by enforcing this strategy during battle. To keep the enemy’s position at bay, while you are destroying their creeps, use Battle Hunger (second skill). Buy the Kellen’s Dagger as your equipment, it will increase Axe’s mobility and transform him into a highly useful initiator.

  1. Lich

This hero has been popular as the top starting hero for newbie players. He is categorized as the support role, with an ultimate skill that can eliminate the enemies easily and enjoyable hero to play. As a support hero, you don’t have to be the most valuable player on your team. You just simply help the teammates to give additional damage, heal, and stay on right position to show the huge contribution. His ability plus destruction magical attacks, also his pure support skill (Ice Shield) gives maximum protection for your allies, and an ultimate skill that blast off a big ice ball that bounces around the enemies, hurting them constantly while it still connected. Lich isn’t a high mobility hero, but he has simple skills and a role that can be rapidly learned.

  1. Vengeful Spirit

The next hero that can climb up to the list of the best DotA heroes is Vengeful Spirit. She is a good hero to choose for new players for several reasons. First, her skill is easy to understand and simple to execute. This hero has an area stun and charges She is a great option for new players, for multiple reasons. Firstly, her skills are simple to understand and easy to execute. She has a ranged stun, a ranged attack that lowers armor and an ultimate that simply swaps one character’s position for another. Along with those, she has a passive skill that makes everyone hit harder for just being around her.

  1. Sniper

The last hero in the best DotA heroes list is the Sniper, which is one of the popular characters for DotA 2 new players with strong evidence. Although this hero has a poor defence that caused easily to eliminate by other heroes, you can take the massive skill effects of this hero to determine the victory. In fact, Sniper is a carry hero(the role which has destruction damage in late game), you can kindly use this hero when he is placed quite far from the target. His aim skill can hit the opponents also the towers with small risk. Furthermore, his ultimate skill (Assassinate) has enormous damage and little bit stun as the effect.

Finally, the heroes that listed above are conceded as heroes easy to play but are not automatically easy to master. These heroes make you learn on very elemental aspects of the game without concern anything that pro players usually do. If you are challenged enough, you can join The International 2018 tournament on August 15 which takes place in Vancouver, Canada, with total prize amount $16,452,749. Do you dare to take the challenge?



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