Slow but sure, the popularity of PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround or PUBG is widespread around the world after released 2nd of January 2018 on Android and IOS. Carrying Battle Royale as the concept, PUBG offers the sensation of surviving, adventure, and the strategy to be the last man standing for getting the achievement “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” or more familiar with Chicken Dinner. However, PUBG mobile is extremely different if compared with the PC version because the player is forced to use virtual analog to do everything in the game. Sure, the new players who are never playing this game before feel so hard to reach the chicken dinner. Therefore, If you are still a newbie but have a huge ambition to be the last man standing in the game,  here we are going to explain to you 4 advanced PUBG tips to win a Chicken Dinner. Don’t get up from your seat and here is the list.

  1. Use Auto Feature on Setting Menu

For newbie player, some simple things such as sprint, looting, and use the camera in the right position is not as easy as cake. However, you should not worry about this problem. Tencent as the developer was developed this game specifically for the mobile platform. Moreover, PUBG gives you several features to simplify the gameplay. On the setting menu, there are several options such as Auto Sprint, Free Look, and Auto Loot Feature. By activated those features, the player increases alertness around the region without complicated ways to loot or hold the virtual analog.

2. Looting or Item Hunt EffectivelyThe second PUBG tips for newbie player that should be noticed are looting item. Looting is a crucial activity in the game that determines your winner. As good as possible, the first item to pick after landing is the weapon because the layer is required to defend or even kill the enemy in the early game. Do not loot too much if you are landing in the middle of the map, focus on how to kill the enemy quickly. Besides, having maximum armor and several medical kits are also important to keep secure during the game.

  1. Move Forward

The main PUBG tips to get the Chicken Dinner is the movement during the game. Stop looting and move into the safe zone if the red zone is starting to tighten and it will kill you slowly. Whereas, if you play duo or squad mode, use Flanking Technique to avoid the enemy. This technique will be effective when the battle zone in open field. Give the range for about 50 meters from your teammate, one for distractor, another one for the executor.

Consequently, the enemy can easily to be taken down. Furthermore, many players still don’t know this little trick. Put down the weapon to increase the movement speed amount 6 percents. Then, running without shoes will not gain the speed, but your movement will quieter. It makes the enemy harder spot you.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

Yeay! Finally, you got the Chicken Dinner! But don’t be overlong dissolve in this euphoria. According to the developer of PUBG Mobile, Tencent, in the beginning, level, your enemies are only the bots. That’s why the beginning of the game easier than the next game. It is reasonable in order that the newbie player can recognize some controls and gameplay inside the PUBG. When your level has risen up, the bots will be decreased by the server and the war feels more competitive. Make or join a squad to practice the most effective tactics for the chicken dinner.

Those four PUBG tips are the advanced guide for newbie player who has a big ambition gets the winner chicken dinner. It is all about the best strategy how to play effectively during the game without getting rid of the preoccupation plays this game. However, if you have already felt an adrenaline to get the chicken dinner of this game, we suggest you join the PUBG tournament that will be held in short, it is the PUBG Global Invitational or PGI 2018. This tournament takes place in Berlin, Germany, and will be held from July 25th to 29th, 2018. Nonetheless, if you think that you still need to train yourself, you can also come to the tournament and see how the masters play the game.


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