As with other MOBA games, Arena of Valor comes up with many roles related to its heroes. There are many heroes with particular characteristics and roles which are different from each other. One of the roles that you can find in any kind of MOBA games is the tank heroes or we commonly call them as the tanker. As we know from its name, the role of a tank hero is to protect the team or in other words, becoming in the front line as the defense of the team. However, still and all, this role is sometimes underrated.

What makes the AoV tank heroes different is that the tank heroes have an ability to be alive longer than other roles. It is caused by their blood. However, the tank heroes usually have a low level of attack that makes them unable to make a great damage at the end. Nevertheless, still and all, the existence of a tank hero is very important to make a complete composition of the team. From what we have known before, the tank heroes are essential to protect the team’s defense.

Nonetheless, if you are interested in being a tank, choosing the right heroes must be essential. Hence, if you are looking for a tank to be played on Arena of Valor, here we are going to discuss and explain to you intensely about AoV tank heroes which are currently being the most powerful and popular one.

  1. Xeniel

Xeniel is one of the best AoV tank heroes you must try to play with. If one day you feel comfortable with this hero, you must be very thankful since this hero can be very strong with his ultimate skill. His ultimate skill makes him able to fit into many roles, not only as a tank but also as a carry. Besides, he is also able to be a pusher which can tackle down the enemy’s tower. One of the best skills that Xeniel had is called the Divine Protection. This skill makes him able to make a great damage in line with a shield given to the team. In addition, he also has a great healing skill which makes his position as perfect as a tanker.

  1. Skud

The next hero that comes up to the list of AoV tank heroes is named Skud. If Xeniel has an ability to be a carrier, Skud is also considered to be in the role of tank and warrior. Talking about his role as a tank, Skud has a unique passive skill that makes him able to be on the list. It is the blood regeneration which will make him stronger and more difficult to be beaten down. This skill is also supported by his crowd control (CC) effect which makes him a better tank. Besides, compared to other tank heroes, his ability in making an attack and great damage is also considerable.

  1. Max

Max is one of AoV heroes who just released in these current days as a tank hero of Arena of Valor. Nonetheless, there are some things that make him special. The first thing that makes this cute little pie special is that his high mobility which is quite high as a tank hero. The second thing is that the attack that he can make is considered as a big attack if it is compared to other tankers. In addition, his ultimate skill which makes him able to fly makes people more interested in using Max as their ultimate tank hero. This skill will help the team to make a strategy because Max will know the whole condition of the enemy.

  1. TeeMee

Coming back to the list of AoV tank heroes who can do several roles, TeeMee comes up as one of the most recommended tank heroes for you. This hero has an ability to be a tank and a support at the same time. It means that his skill is also considered to be the supporter of the team. As with the previous cute little pie hero, TeeMee also has an ability to make a great damage with his burst damage skill. So does his ultimate skill. With his ultimate skill, he is able to make his dead partner alive. This skill will be very valuable and effective to defend the team.

Those all are the most recommended AoV tank heroes for you. Now, we are calling the best Malaysian team with the best tankers out there to come and join the AoV tournaments that will be held in short. It is the AEMC 2018. This tournament will take place in many regions in Malaysia, such as Pahang, Penang, Johor, N. Sembilan, Perak, Melaka, and Kedah. It will be started on July 1st and will end on October 6th, 2018 in Selangor. Save the date, get yourself trained, and be the next champion!


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