As one of the most played First-person shooter games in the world, Counter Strike: Global Offensive has already been successfully being addictive to the gamers, especially for those who love to feel a reflection of war through playing games. As with other FPS games, CS:GO has some terms that can also be found in other games. All of those terms have also successfully been a supportive term that makes people want more and more gameplay in CS:GO.

One of the terms that always make people challenged is the CS:GO ranks. As a human, all of us always want to be the best of the best, including but not limited to playing games. Playing games has always been competitive, thus it is no wonder that most of the people join the tournaments to be the champions of CS:GO and get to a high rank on the game. Nonetheless, sometimes for the beginners of CS:GO, understanding the ranks in CS:GO cannot be done easily.

Therefore, for those who just began to get to the Counter Strike world, here we give you a guide to the CS:GO ranks to know how far the progress that you has been through until today.

  1. Silvers I to Silver Elite Master

The rank of CS:GO is started with a rank we call as Silvers. If you just began the game, you will see yourself as one of those players who assemble in this rank. Since all of the players in this rank are beginners, they do not use complicated strategies to win the game. Hence, if you are still staying in this rank, you just need to practice more and more to get to the next rank called Gold Nova.

  1. Gold Nova I to Gold Nova Master

After you complete the challenges well as a Silver Elite Master, you will go as a Gold Nova Master who knows a bit more about the game. Besides, those players who stay in this level will understand about the money management, the strategies to win, including the shooting strategies and how to use the weapons, and other tricks. Nonetheless, still and all, those players who stay in this level do not have a great game sense even though they have already understood the way to use the weapons and kill the enemies.

  1. Master Guardian I to Distinguished Master Guardian

The Master Guardian I is a level in which those players who have a standard skill assemble. Hence, if you have already understood about the money management and other strategies better, you will get into this middle level. Besides, those players who have already been in this level can also use the items well such as bomb, Molotov, smoke, and flash. In addition, they also know more about how to loot items and the spots where they should execute the items. Overall, they have already got the game sense in this rank.

  1. Legendary Eagle to The Global Elite

The last and the highest one of CS:GO ranks is the Legendary Eagle. As this rank is the best and the highest one, we will realize that those players who are staying in this rank are the masters of CS:GO. They have obviously understood the items, strategies, and the spots on CS:GO. The players of this rank will know the best times to attack, the best weapon to choose, and the best spot in which they will find the best item loots. Besides, they have also won the competitive modes many times. Hence, they have already been professional in playing the games.

All in all, there is only one thing that you can do to win the game and get to the highest position in CS:GO ranks. The only thing is that you should win the competitive matchmaking many times. To win the competitive matchmaking, you must practice hard and watch how the masters play to reach the highest rank. If you want to know how the masters play, you better watch it directly on CS:GO tournaments such as the ESL Pro League which will be held in these upcoming months in North America and Europe. You can also attend the final season in Denmark from December 4th to 9th, 2018. Get yourself trained and be ready to be the next champion of CS:GO!


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