As one of the most popular MOBA games in the world, League of Legends does not seem to have ever been failed in making people interested. Hence, it is no wonder that this game has a lot of players who even compete for the tournaments every year. For those who are the newbie, League of Legends become a worthy game that is quite difficult to master since it needs a very intense attention and a super gameplay.

That is why to make all of the players able to win and become the champion of League of Legends, many people give a lot of League of Legends tips that they say it might work. Unfortunately, not all of the articles often discuss particular tips thus they make it unpopular. In the end, it is no wonder if most of the players would never touch the championship chairs.

If you are a beginner and wondering about what are the unpopular League of Legends tips that most of the players miss, here we are going to explain to you intensely for each of them. Don’t get up from your seat and here is the list.

  1. Playing different champions

Many people would say that you are not allowed to play a lot of champions since you need to be faithful to one champion as what the masters usually did. Nonetheless, that claim is totally wrong. As a beginner, it will be better for you not to be confused about the champion or heroes that are suitable for your gaming style. Rather than choosing champion based on the skills or whatever, you better choose the champion in a fun way by playing them one by one. Besides getting to know which one is the most suitable for you, you can also know more about the champions of League of Legends.

  1. Focus on the minimap

A lot of articles would claim that one of League of Legends tips that you need to do at the very beginning is to know intensely about the map. Well, yes, that is freaking true but do not forget that you have the existence of a minimap in the bottom. How could the minimap become that important? By paying attention and focus to the minimap, you will know the enemies’ movement, thus you can be aware of a sudden attack or such. Besides, you will also know the positions of the available monsters that you can attack to get a level-up during the game.

  1. Stay behind the minions

Another one of League of Legends unpopular tips that most of the players forget is to always stay behind the minions, especially when you are going to attack the enemies’ turret. How could a strong hero be obligated to stay behind the minions? Well, if you underrate those mini players since you are bigger and strongest, you have done a wrong thing. By staying behind the minions, you can stay safe since the target of the enemies’ attack will get to the minion first before you. That is why the existence of the minions will be very helpful for your life on the game.

This trick is also very important to be highlighted since most of the players often bravely come to the enemies’ turrets alone without any help from minions or other players. By doing everything alone, your position will not be that safe. Hence, you also need to understand that attacking alone is not that good no matter how strong your hero and how good your item build. That is why if you watch the masters replays on YouTube, you will not find them attacking the enemies alone. All in all, make sure that you have a good teamwork thus you all can defense each other.

Those are the League of Legends tips that are not popular. However, if you want to know more about the tricks, you can directly come and join the tournaments of League of Legends that are going to be held shortly or the daily ones. The list of the daily tournaments you can watch on can be seen on the Challenger Mode websites. Those tournaments will also be effective to train yourself to be the next champion of League of Legends.

Now, are you ready to slay the enemies?


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