Point Blank, as one of the best First-person Shooter mode game in the world, has taken a big role in attracting people to the gaming world. Hence, being as innovative as other games must be obligated for Point Blank. Fortunately, this game has never been failed in making goals and show the world that even though there are a lot of other FPS games in its surroundings, the popularity of Point Blank will not decrease even just a percent.

As with other FPS games, Point Blank comes up with many kinds of weapons that the players can choose. One type of weapons of Point Blank is the knives. The knives are included in the melee or short-range weapons. The role of knives can be very important to be aware of a sudden existence of the enemies. With many various kinds of knives, you can even improve your movement speed during the game.

If you are still a beginner who was just trapped to Point Blank world, you need to know the types of knives that are available on Point Blank. After that, you can finally choose which one describes you well. Here they are.

  1. M-7 and Dual Knife

The first knife that comes to the list of Point Blank knives is called the M-7. We can call this knife as the basic one or the standard one that can be found even by a newbie. If you are a newbie and just started to play the game, you will also have this weapon as yours. However, since this weapon is the most basic one, do not ever hope more than a medium damage but still and all, it has a great accuracy. If you want more damage, you can buy the dual one.

  1. Mini Axe

As we can see from its name, this knife is the cutest one among other Point Blank knives. Designed with a combination of dark grey and brown, this ax is very flexible to be held. What makes this melee weapon special is its small size. Yes, SMOL, do not ever underrate those small things, I warn you. As this weapon is very small, you can throw it at the enemies once you have no bullet. Amazing, isn’t it?

  1. Combat Machete

If you have already bored with those two standard knives above, you can buy another one that is unique and yeah, better, we can say. Call it the Combat Machete, one of Point Blank knives with unique a shape that you cannot easily find in other games, even the MOBA ones. Although it looks funny—compared to other knives, this knife can make a very big damage. However, since it is big and heavy, it will sometimes make your movement down.

  1. Keris

Yes, we call it Keris, a Point Blank weapon that is made based on Indonesian culture. If you think that Combat Machete is the most unique one, that is wrong though. With a very unique wave, you can use this knife as your melee defense as well. It is also designed light, thus unlike the previous knife, you can still use it without making your movement down. Besides, it also has a great damage.

  1. Brass Knuckle

If you are asking the most unique of the most unique Point Blank knives, I would rather say it is the Brass Knuckle. If other knives will hurt, you can be as powerful as the master without ever hurting the enemies. This weapon is used for tackling down the enemies directly with a blow. Therefore, those who use this weapon as a defense will obviously look strong and strongest.

Well, since this article is a guide, those are the best Point Blank knives that will help you win the game. As you come here as a beginner, isn’t it better if you practice and learn from the masters? That is why we proudly ask you to come to the Point Blank tournaments that are held everywhere, every time, in almost every continents in this world. For instance, if you are living in Indonesia, you can easily find many kinds of tournaments for general, woman, even students. Hence, get yourself trained and be the next champion!


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