As one of the most sensational games with the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena mode, Mobile Legends does not seem to have experienced a loss of its players’ interest. Day by day, the number of Mobile Legends players keeps increasing until it hits more than one hundred million around the world. That number must be worth it with the attractive setting of Mobile Legends that is always interesting and makes us keep staying in our seat.

Unfortunately, although this game is played by millions of people around the world, most of the players have experienced many failures in playing Mobile Legends. That is why the articles about Mobile Legends tips always hit the most popular articles on the internet. However, most of the articles only give the explanation about how to slay the enemy, pick the heroes and their items, and how to win the game.

Since most of the articles are discussing those topics, a lot of players only focus on the gameplay, attacking, or the classic ways to win which is done during the game. Nonetheless, in the end, they are still a loser. How could it be so? It may happen because they do not realize that they are doing a lot of things that most losers of Mobile Legend usually do. That is why it is obvious that they will have already lost even before the game started.

Now, what are those annoying things that most Mobile Legends losers do? If you do not want to get included into the loser list, check this one out!

  1. Pick a wrong hero that you do not master

One of the best and the most popular Mobile Legends tips that most articles will tell you is that you should choose a strong hero with strong damage and etcetera. However, does damage really matter when you play the game?

There is one unpopular key in playing Mobile Legends, it is whichever the hero you choose, as long as you can build it well, the win rate is not that essential anymore. Hence, if you are playing with your friend, let him or her play with the heroes that they love and they master. If you force your friend to play with the heroes that they do not master, you will even lose the game without even started.

  1. Bad teamwork

You may find the teamwork is the best on the list of Mobile Legends tips that are written everywhere. However, can you really have a great teamwork in Mobile Legends? We do understand that you will not play with your friends on Mobile Legends every day thus it is possible that you will have a bad teamwork with those people from different countries that you get randomly.

Nevertheless, even though you do not know the other players on your team, make sure that you treat your teammates well. A failure of the game can be caused by mocking each other that will lead to a misunderstanding between players in one team. Hence, make sure you have a great attitude too, thus your teammates will also treat you well and you all can get the MVP after all.

  1. Not playing during the free times

One of the unpopular Mobile Legends tips is that you should play Mobile Legends during your free time. How could it be that effective?

As we know, playing such MOBA game will spend at least 15 minutes. Moreover, if you have an intense gameplay, the time you spend will be longer, which even can lead to 30 minutes. Hence, playing the Mobile Legends in free time at home will be better and prevent you to go AFK. AFK itself is a condition when one of the players of a team leaves the game due to particular interests. In the end, it will finally danger the position of the team itself.

If you want to know more about how to play Mobile Legends well, you better diligently come to the tournaments of Mobile Legends that are held in many countries in the world. One of the upcoming tournaments you can come and join in is The Reign of the NEW. This tournament takes place in India on July 8th,2018. This game is held by Louder Gaming with 20 teams competing. Get yourself ready, good players!


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