Counter Strike: Global Offensive has done a big new innovation in the development of First-person Shooter games in the world. Coming up with different atmosphere and background set with other FPS games, CS:GO becomes one of the most attractive FPS games which are able to hit the top most popular game list in the world. It is proved by the players’ dedication and ever-lasting contribution in playing CS:GO daily or in the tournaments.

Still and all, the success history of CS:GO cannot be separated from the various CS:GO weapons that have never been failed in attracting people to have them all. The weapons are also one of the biggest CS:GO benefits contributor. Nevertheless, as with other FPS games, there are always those weapons which are listed in the most popular weapons that obviously become every player’s dream to use it during the game.

We do understand that sometimes, for those who just began to get in the Counter Strike: Global Offensive world, knowing which one is the best CS:GO weapons for them without any help is very complicated. Hence, here we are going to explain the weapons that get into the best and the most popular one that you should have.

  1. AK-47


If you have a gaming mutual who has been playing CS:GO for a long time, AK-47 must be familiar with him. AK-47 gets into one of the best CS:GO weapons which will give a very strong damage that makes people adore this weapon. AK-47 in Counter Strike: Global Offensive itself is a miniature of a real powerful weapon named Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947 made in 1946 by Russia. Until today, the production of AK-47 keeps going since this weapon is mostly used by the Eastern Europe military.

  1. M4 Carbine

The M4 Carbine is also well-known as B43. If the AK-47 is made for the terrorist team, M4 Carbine is the best choice for you who loved to be in the counter-terrorist team. The real weapon of B43 was firstly made in 1996 in the United States. Until today, the M4 Carbine is used by US army, especially the US army troops. What makes this weapon more powerful is the bullet damper that we can apply in this weapon. That is why it is no wonder if this weapon gets into this list.

  1. P90

Since you are a beginner, we do understand that you will not have a lot of money to buy AK-47 and M4 Carbine which have a damn high price. Hence, if you are looking for the cheap CS:GO weapons which are also effective, P90 is the answer. This weapon is included in the Personal Defense Weapon type. Hence, you can easily find a backup player who holds this weapon for the sake of the team’s defense. Unlike the previous weapons explained above, the production of P90 is started in Belgium.

  1. Arctic Welfare Police

Arctic Welfare Police or commonly called as AWP is the most popular long-barreled weapon in CS:GO. This weapon was firstly introduced in 1982 by Germany and currently used by the army or even police. AWP itself is dedicated for those who love to do a long-range shooter. With the Winchester 308 and 243 as the main bullets, you will be able to make a great damage by using the Arctic Welfare Police and kill the enemies down. This weapon is getting more attractive with its interesting green color and special viewfinder.

  1. Steyr AUG

Steyr AUG is one of CS:GO weapons which are made in Austria. This shotgun was firstly announced in 1977. Nonetheless, among all the Austrian weapons, Steyr AUG is the best one. This shotgun is also well-known with another name, it is the Bullup Steyr AUG. As with the AWP, Steyr AUG in the real life is commonly used by police or military. In CS:GO itself, this weapon is commonly used by the counter-terrorist team because of a great damage that this weapon can make.

Those five listed CS:GO weapons above are the most popular weapons that you can see often in the master Counter Strike tournaments such as ESL Pro League. In these following months, ESL Pro League will come up as usual. The tournaments of this 8th season will be held in different countries as always, such as Europe and North America before finally gets to the final in Denmark from December 4th to 9th, 2018. Make sure you come and watch the games.


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