As one of the most attractive game in the Mobile Online Battle Arena mode, DotA 2 seems to have a lot of interesting things that are brought since the very first time of its launch. As with other games, DotA 2 has the particular roles that are specified to particular heroes. Therefore, if there is one team playing, each of the players will get busy with only one role. It is even rare to find a DotA 2 player who can do a lot of role during the game. Some of the true players usually choose one best hero and keep going on with that hero forever.

One of the roles that are available in DotA 2 is called the support. As this role is called ‘support’, the main function of this role is to be the supporter of other players. A support of a team should sacrifice a lot of things for others, such as the farm, although you actually need it too, but not as much as others. Besides, the support heroes usually cannot do a strong damage as what mage or other roles have to do. That is why most of the DotA 2 players do not choose this position.

If you ever heard someone saying that the position of support is not important in playing DotA 2, that claim is totally wrong. The role of support is very important in the management and the arrangement of the teamwork. Hence, if you want to win as a team such as in the tournaments, it is okay for you to get a low individual rank but still and all, you will contribute much as a support.

Although this role is underrated, not all of the players have an ability to be a master of support. Therefore, if you are interested in playing the support, or one day you will get a sudden chance to be a support, these following DotA 2 support tips will help you do the role well.

  1. Control your emotion for the sake of the team

The first point of DotA 2 support tips is that you need to control your emotion during the game. How could emotion be very important that it is put first? From what we have known before, the role of support is to be a supporter. Therefore, there will always be times when you should give your firms to other heroes for the sake of the team’s winning point, of course. We do understand that you also work hard for the firms, but go back to the role you choose, you are now a support.

Besides, you also need to always realize your own role. There are a lot of people who ignore those two DotA 2 support tips and choose to be a support but play as if they are a carry. Meanwhile, the ability they have is not as strong as what a carry should have. Hence, it will lead them to a failure instead.

  1. Keep yourself in a safe position

The second and the last point of the DotA 2 support tips is that you need to keep yourself in a safe position. You are the one who should stand very strong for your own defense. How could it be so? As we know, support heroes do not have a very strong defense. Hence, once they are attacked, they will get killed easier with the enemies. That is why if you take a role as a support, you better stay out of the enemies’ lane.


However, if you still want to satisfy yourself by attacking the enemies, do not force yourself to come to their area alone. Make sure you have a backup from other heroes. Besides, your existence will also be important since you should give your friends a support, not with a cheer as the cheerleaders do, of course, but with your firm.

Those two are the DotA 2 support tips you should know. If you want to know more how a support of DotA 2 should support the team and be as important as other roles, you better come and watch DotA 2 tournaments. If you are looking for an upcoming tournament to come to, there is The International 2018 which will be held in Vancouver, Canada. This tournament takes place from August 15th to 25th, 2018. Make sure you are ready for it, buddy!


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