One unique term in PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds is that you need to plan the greatest strategy before starting the game to loot the weapons from particular places. As can be seen from the map, there are some places where you should land in and find many loot items available to be used for you during the game. As there are a lot of places we can visit to get the items loots, not all of them can be the best place for us to find the best PUBG loot items.

Although there are many good places in PUBG to land in, there is still some consideration which finally makes this article comes up. Therefore, here is the list of the best spots for you who want to get the best PUBG loot items from the very beginning of the game. Don’t get up from your seat and check this one out!

  1. Military Island

If you are asking the most popular spot for PUBG landing where you can find many good items, the exact answer is the Military Island. Some of the players of PUBG may find this place as the safest one, but unfortunately, that statement is not always that true. Although this place keeps a lot of good items and equipment, the Military Island is also full of danger. Since this place is the most popular one, you can easily meet many of the masters will land in this place. Hence, if you are still a newbie, you better land in other places.

In addition, the Military Island is one of the isolated places in PUBG where you cannot easily get out of those places. However, still and all, Military Island can be the best choice for you to get the items.

  1. Rozhok

If you think that you have been mastering this game, you better try to land in the Rozhok. This place provides many good PUBG loot items and weapons too. That is why it is no wonder if this place can be as popular as the Military Island. Nevertheless, unlike the Military Island, you will be more protected if you land in this spot. Hence, rather than get in danger in the Military Island, we suggest you come to Rozhok first and make it as your first choice.

Furthermore, you can also find many other places in the surroundings of Rozhok which will also help you with many best items provided. For instance, the apartment where you can find many items to keep you safe before coming to the school of Rozhok.

  1. Underground Bunkers

The next place where you can find many PUBG loot items is in the Underground Bunkers. This bunker has a lot of items and equipment which are held underground. To get the items, you must walk through the winding rows underground. Nevertheless, still and all, your effort will be worth it since you can find many weapons that are all perfect to keep your stability during the game. The only thing you should note while walking in this place is to keep your awareness of the enemies’ sudden existence.

  1. Prison

If you want to loot the items easy, the only place you can choose to land in is the prison. The prison is claimed as one of the easiest places to loot the items in the PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds. However, is that claim true? Well, it is not that easy though. The only difficulty you may face in this place is that you will meet a lot of shooters that will be there to kill you. Hence, you must be ready for a sudden appearance and set the best strategy to defense in this place.

Those four places are the best places to find PUBG loot items. However, if you have already felt an adrenaline to get the chicken dinner of this game, we suggest you join the PUBG tournament that will be held in short, it is the PUBG Global Invitational or PGI 2018. This tournament takes place in Berlin, Germany, and will be held from July 25th to 29th, 2018. Nonetheless, if you think that you still need to train yourself, you can also come to the tournament and see how the masters play the game.


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