Being the champion on Arena of Valor must be every player’s dream. Hence, most of the players will keep doing their best to tackle all the enemies and be the winner of the game. The ambition and adrenaline of the players that are challenged during the games even bring a lot of players in the tournaments of Arena of Valor which are commonly held annually in every country in the world.

However, among hundreds of millions of the AoV players, there are only even less than 10% of players who have successfully come to the international champion chairs. It means that most of the AoV players have not made their debut as a champion of AoV. How could people be that failed in playing AoV? What are the influential things that will decide whether someone is potential to be the winner or the loser instead?

If you are wondering the most influential thing for your gaming progress in reaching the champion chairs, the best answer is the strategy. A lot of the players run a wrong strategy. There are a lot of AoV players common mistakes that make a player’s possibility of getting defeated bigger. What are they? Here we give the explanations to you.

  1. Ignoring the monsters

The first thing that comes up in the list of AoV players common mistakes is that they usually ignore the monsters. Yes, most of the players choose to ignore the monsters and focus on the enemies. They run the game as if the monsters do not exist. Now, if you are doing that, you are damn, err… a loser going to be?

The existence of the monsters on Arena of Valor holds an essential role. By killing the monsters and divide your focus into both monsters and the opposite heroes, you will be able to reach the upper level. Therefore, the more monsters you kill, the more level you will be. In addition, you will also be able to get a higher level than the enemies. That is why you must have a great strategy to divide your focus during the game.

  1. Attack the enemies alone

If you are wondering another thing that is more severe than ignoring the monsters, the answer is attacking the enemies alone. Most of the newbie of MOBA players may not realize how fatal and dangerous attacking alone is. Not only claimed as one of AoV players common mistakes, this action also claimed as other MOBA games’ too, such as Mobile Legends.

Attacking an enemy alone will danger your position, especially if you are in a condition when your skills are not fully improved. Hence, if you want to get to the enemies’ field, you better come with your friends. However, still and all, make sure that you all are not only gathering in one place. That is why the teamwork and team division is very important in playing MOBA games, especially the Arena of Valor.

  1. Do not use the Combo Skill in a proper way


The last point of AoV players common mistakes list is that most of the players do not use the Combo Skill in a proper way. In playing Arena of Valor, training yourself well in using the Combo Skill is very important to make a big chance to be the champion of the game. By using Combo Skill, you’d be able to make a strong damage and show the best attraction of your hero. However, some of the players usually do it wrong thus they use the Combo Skill in a wrong way in term of time.

If you want to know more about the use of Combo Skill, you can come and see the AoV tournaments that are held both nationally and internationally in many continents around the world. Seeing how the masters run their hero will always be fun and beneficial for you as it can help you train yourself as well.

For instance, if you are living in Indonesia, you can follow the AoV Star League or ASL which is held nationally every year. If you are living in Malaysia, there is also an AoV tournament that is currently on-going namely AEMC 2018. This tournament is held in many regions such as Johor, Kedah, Melaka, Pahang, Penang, Selangor, N. Sembilan, and Perak. Those sub-tournaments are started together on July 1st, 2018, and the last one will end in Selangor on October 6th, 2018.


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