These current days, Mobile Legends holds the most popular MOBA game around the world. In some countries, the tournament of Mobile Legends even held continuously which means that the popularity of this game is considerable. As with other MOBA games such as DotA and Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends was also coming up with various things provided, including heroes and their roles, and the modes too.

One of the modes that are provided in Mobile Legends is called Brawl. This mode is counted as the permanent ones such as Classic or ranked mode. However, unlike the Classic mode, Mobile Legends’ Brawl mode does not seem to have a great attraction among the Mobile Legends players. However, still and all, the gameplay with this mode is also as fun as the others’ and even more challenging.

As with other modes, there is a particular strategy to win the game with Mobile Legends’ Brawl mode. Here we are going to explain to you each of the strategies that you should apply in this one-lane mode.

  1. Pay attention to the Regen item

The first strategy you should do is to pay attention to the Regen item that your enemy has. As we know, in any kind of MOBA games, the existence of HP is very important to push your ability to attack and kill the enemies, and that is exactly the point of the use of the Regen item. By taking the green Regen item of your enemies, you will be able to tackle down the enemies by taking their HP down. That is why, once their Regen is taken and their HP is getting down, you can slay the enemies easily.

  1. The right hero

Still the same as the gameplay in other modes on Mobile Legends, there are some heroes that are recommended or not recommended at all instead. In playing on the Brawl mode, you better come with particular heroes that are specified in the Mage and Marksman heroes list. However, since you cannot choose the hero freely as you usually do in other modes, you have a possibility to get other kinds of a hero such as Mele. If you are that unlucky, you can save yourself by hiding to the Tank heroes.

  1. Use the Battle Spell Healing

In playing with the Mobile Legends’ Brawl mode, you are dealing with the use of HP very much since it can be easily decreased once your green Regen item gets stolen. Hence, the existence of the Battle Spell Healing as an item that will give Healing skill during the game is very essential at that point. That is why, once your HP gets decreased, you can get your hero better by using the Battle Spell Healing skill, thus it is no wonder that the masters claimed that this item is obligated to be brought to the game.

  1. Have a great teamwork

The last but not least is to have a great work. This is more like a tip rather than strategy since it is obligated for you in any kind of game. Therefore, whatever the mode you choose in playing Mobile Legends, you need to have a great teamwork. In Mobile Legends’ Brawl mode itself, there will only be one lane. Hence, your chance to hide will be limited. Besides, it will also get more complicated because of the limited size of the battle map. That is why a great teamwork will be very influential during the game.

Since the Brawl mode is not really popular, most of Mobile Legends tournaments will use the Custom mode instead of the Brawl one. Hence, if you are interested in joining the tournaments, you can join the national tournaments that are commonly held in many countries around the world. For instance, in Indonesia, there is the AXOV Tournament which will be held from July 13th to July 15th, 2018. With only IDR 60.000, you can join this online battle as one of 128 teams in the tournament.

If you want to be the legend of Mobile Legends, training yourself in any modes is very important. Besides, your effort will all be worth it if you join the tournaments as like what explained before. Keep training and get yourself ready to slain the enemies!


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