Hi, everyone! How’s your gaming skill improvement? We do hope that it will get better day by day. Now, after we finish our discussion about the computer setting tips in the latest post, we are going to discuss the survival mode of Point Blank that is still become a challenge to the Point Blank players, especially for those who just joined the Point Blank world.

The Point Blank Mobile survival mode has actually been launched many times ago. However, still and all, this mode is rarely played because the number of stages that makes people denying their want to play the game. There are 18 stages in this mode in total. Each of the stages has their own challenges. Unlike the common survival games, the Power Blank survival mode has different characters in each of the levels. Hence, if you have finished a stage, you will see a new team with new faces and even a new boss that you should kill.

Unlike the usual mode that you often play on Point Blank, in this mode, there is a limitation of the medkit stock. In this mode, you are only allowed to buy 3 packs of medkit to keep you alive once you are bleeding. Nevertheless, if you are still afraid to lose in playing the Point Blank Mobile survival mode, you better read these following tips to be the next champion on the survival rank list.

  1. Use the sniper gun

The first trick you must do in playing on the survival mode of Point Blank is using the sniper. Why does using sniper a must? As we know, the sniper is one of the best kinds of weapon available on Point Blank. By using a sniper on Point Blank, you are able to make a great damage with only one shot. Even though you are not doing a HeadShot or other kinds of shot that will directly kill the enemy with only one shot, you are capable to kill them with only one shot in many areas of the body by using the sniper.

  1. Be aware of a nuclear or grenade attack

The second trick that the masters of Point Blank Mobile survival mode usually do is to be aware of a nuclear or grenade attack from the enemies. If this kind of trick will not very influential in the usual mode of Point Blank, this trick will be very essential to be done in the survival mode. How could it be so? As what have mentioned before, you are only able to buy 3 packs of medkit. It means that you cannot let yourself bleeding in many times. Meanwhile, the nuclear or grenade attack will make you bleed.

Hence, if you see a warning of a nuclear or grenade attack coming, you better immediately move and find the safest place. Therefore, your possibility of getting bleed and spend many stocks of medkit will decrease.

  1. Take refuge often

The last but not least is ducking or taking refuge. In any kind of modes that are available on Point Blank, ducking is one of the best tricks to avoid the enemy’s attack and save your team to finally win the game. This trick is recommended and must be done when you see that there are many enemies are assembling in your surroundings. Hence, to keep yourself self, you better take refuge and make a strategy in the safest place around you to find a key to shot your enemies down.

Those three are the best and the most recommended ideas of your strategy in playing on the Point Blank Mobile survival mode. Unfortunately, the survival mode is only commonly done for fun. It is difficult to find a Point Blank tournament that uses the survival mode. Nevertheless, still and all, playing the survival mode will be useful to train yourself before joining the Point Blank tournaments.

Talking about the tournament, joining Point Blank tournament is an effective way to train yourself and become the best champion in the history. Most of Point Blank tournaments are held nationally in many countries around the world. Let us take Indonesia as an example. In Indonesia, there are many kinds of Point Blank tournaments such as the PB National Championship, PBGC, PBLC for ladies, and even PB School Competition. There are also such tournaments held in other countries such as Thailand. So, now, what are you waiting for? Get yourself trained and be ready to be the next champion!


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