DotA 2 has been familiar and popular enough in the gaming community. Hence, it is no wonder that this game hits the top list for the most played games in this era. Day by day, the number of DotA 2 players keeps increasing. However, still and all, some of those beginners or even old-players have never felt the feeling of being a DotA 2 champion even though they have spent many years doing this game.

Now, if you have spent a lot of seconds, minutes, days, months, or even years to play this game, many people will think that you have been familiar with this game. However, have you ever be the champion of DotA 2? If you have not been doing so, it may be caused by the wrong DotA 2 strategy you choose. It also means that you are keeping the fatal behaviors that should be avoided, to begin with.

Whether you are a beginner or an old DotA 2 player, keep watching on the right strategy is very essential. Hence, here we explain to you some fatal behaviors you need to change and avoid to bring you to the champion chair.

  1. Never watch on the minimap

There is one DotA 2 strategy that is underestimated by most of the players, it is paying attention to the minimap. The minimap that is placed on the bottom is very useful during your gameplay. With the existence of the minimap, you will know the position of the enemies and predict the attack that might be given by them. That is why, when the enemies are standing in the particular places that will danger your team position, you will also recognize that through the minimap and do the best action immediately.

  1. Ignore the Town Portal Scroll

Even though this game comes up with various items, there are specific items that become the most popular and claimed as the obligated ones. One of the best and recommended items that will make your DotA 2 strategy is the Town Portal Scroll. This item cannot be ignored since it is useful for you to do the teleportation. Hence, this item will be very effective to be used when you are in a rush of back-offing from the enemies. In the end, you will finally safe.

Not only effective for you yourself, you can also use the Town Portal Scroll to save your buddy. Therefore, when you see one of your friends is being attacked by the enemies, you can come to the surrounding of his and save your friend’s life. Hence, your team’s rating will not decrease since there is no one killed.

  1. Always use the auto-attack

Although it seems easy and great to use, always using the auto-attack skill does not seem to be a great DotA 2 strategy. Why does not the auto-attack recommended? This skill is dangerous for your team’s position. It will bring your hero to the dangerous position because of its ability to push the creep to the enemy’s tower. It means you will not stand in the safe position anymore which also means that your hero’s possibility to get attacked is higher. That is exactly why this skill is not recommended.

  1. Too obsessed with the Boots of Speed

This point is a common little fault usually done by beginners. Boots of Speed is one of the best choices that most of DotA 2 players seem to be obligated to use. However, this item is too expensive while you are still a newbie who does not have a lot of coins to buy the Boots of Speed. That is why if you just started the game and just got to this game, you better buy other items that are more influential such as Iron Branch, Stout Shield, Quelling Blade, and Magic Stick.

Those four points are the common fault that most of the players love to do. Hence, with those brief explanations above, now you understand why those behaviors are not recommended. If you want to know more about how the DotA 2 strategy should run, you better come to DotA 2 tournaments to watch the masters, such as The International 2018 which will be held in Vancouver, Canada, from August 15th to 25th, 2018. This tournament will be followed by 18 master teams who will compete for $16,452,749 prize pool.


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