PlayerUnknown BattleGround, both PC and mobile version, has been well-known as one of the superior of the development of First-person Shooter games in the world. One aspect that makes this game does that well is the weapons used in the game. The innovation made by the developer for the weapons has never been failed in attracting the players to keep playing. There are several kinds of weapon that you can use as with other FPS games.

Nevertheless, your choice of the weapons of PUBG Mobile will be very influential for your gameplay. Hence, you need to be very careful and pay so much attention to your weapon choices. As with other games, PlayerUnknown BattleGround Mobile also has an amazing collection of weapons in which you can find some of them on the top rank in popularity among others. Those are what we call as the best PUBG Mobile weapons.

There are some recommended weapons that you should try to use on PlayerUnknown BattleGround Mobile. Among these weapons listed below, make sure you also find the one that suits your position on the team as well.

  1. SCAR-L

Let us start the list of the best PUBG Mobile weapons with the SCAR-L. If you are in a need of making a middle-range shot, you better make sure that you find this weapon and make it as your primary weapon. SCAR-L is counted as the best weapon on PUBG Mobile because of a great damage you can make with this weapon. It also has a similar characteristic with M416, one of the best PUBG weapons that we are going to discuss in short. SCAR-L has some attachments such as 4x ACOG scope, Compensator, Angled, Vertical Foregrip, and Extended Mag for AR.

  1. M416

M416 is claimed as the best of the best weapons on PlayerUnknown BattleGround Mobile. With a strong damage, this weapon hits the top rank of the most popular PUBG Mobile weapons. Several attachments that are given in SCAR-L are also found in this weapon, such as 4x ACOG scope, Vertical Foregrip, Extended Mag for AR, Angled, and Suppressor for AR or Compensator. However, M416’s power of fire rate is counted better than SCAR-L. Therefore, you can choose which one will be the best for you for both.

  1. AKM

In order to get the chicken dinner on PUBG Mobile, you can choose Avtomat Kalashnikova or AKM as your weapon choice. This weapon is commonly used by masters, thus if you want to learn from the basic step, we suggest you use other weapons since AKM has a quite complicated strategy to get along with. A strong damage that is coming from this weapon cannot be separated from its great attachments that are nearly similar with M416 and SCAR-L. What makes this weapon different from M416 and SCAR-L is the recoil power that hits too much.

  1. M16A4

Coming up with a long size, M16A4 does not seem to be failed in making attraction to the players. In conjunction with the three explained PUBG Mobile weapons above, M16A4 has a great damage with special attachments that are not different with the three mentioned previously. Nonetheless, you need to be very careful in playing with M16A4 since there is no auto-shot mode given within this gun. However, still and all, this weapon is very recommended to be used as your primary weapon during the gameplay.

If you are a beginner and wondering how to use each of the PUBG Mobile weapons listed above, we recommend you to find which one suits you well and practice every day to reach the chicken dinner of PUBG Mobile. However, we do believe that you also need a challenger in improving yourself. Hence, we suggest you join PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds Mobile tournament such as Kashmir Tournament. This tournament is held online from July 3rd to July 7th, 2018. With 800 Rupees as the prize pool, you can have a true battleship with many masters out there.

One secret given by PUBG masters: get along and know your weapon well. Hence, by this guide of the best PUBG weapons, we do hope that it will be helpful and bring you as a better PUBG Mobile player with a big possibility and rank in having the chicken dinner. Be all set and be the next champion!


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