In playing an FPS game such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, there are some tricks that need to be underlined to make a good gameplay that will bring benefits to the team. However, many CS:GO players only focus on some tricks about the strategy of the shot. Meanwhile, other tricks related to the movement and other terms are commonly ignored and unpopular within the players.

If you are a CS:GO player, it is important for you to give attention to every single tricks and strategy. If you do not do so, your possibility of being lost on the game will get higher. Now, you must be wondering what kind of CS:GO tricks that most people usually ignore, right? If you do, this article will be a very helpful guide for you. Hence, don’t get up of your seat and keep reading on the listed unpopular tricks below.

  1. Use a gun instead of a grenade

The first point of CS:GO tricks is that you need to use the gun more often than using the grenade. If you think that a grenade takes a great role in killing and shut the enemy down on the game, then you have been believing a hoax.

Many people do not understand that the damage that can be given with one grenade attack is only 57 in total. This number of damage is nothing compared to the damage that will be given by only 3 to 4 shots of your gun. Hence, we suggest you use the gun often instead of keep going on with the grenade many times. You are only recommended to use a grenade when you want to be aware of a sudden appearance of the enemies in a particular hiding place. Once the enemy appears, you can use your gun to shot immediately.

  1. Do the reload when it is needed only

Another thing that comes up on the list of CS:GO tricks is about the reload of the weapons. Many of the players use this term too often to keep the weapon full and loaded while attacking the enemies. However, they just do not understand how a reload can be dangerous in inappropriate times.

The process of reloading will spend from 2 to 4 seconds. Although 4 seconds does not seem to spend a lot of time, doing the reload in facing the enemies will be a waste of times. Hence, it will be better for you to do the reload when you are in a calm condition without any monitor from the enemies because the sound of the reload can easily be heard to detect your position. This also means that while you are facing an enemy, you need to be focus on attacking them and not getting busy with your own reloading.

  1. Do not do too much movement

The last but not least is about the movement you make. As with other FPS games such as Point Blank and PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds, a movement is influential during the game. That is why every player needs to give quite much attention on the movement they make on the gameplay.

In playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive, we suggest you not doing a useless movement that most players do such as moving around from the left to the right and vice versa during a shot. Many people do not seem to understand this term and believe that a movement during a shot will save them, while the fact says that it will make the gameplay worse instead. If you are moving too much, the possibility of making an accurate shot will decrease. Therefore, you better make a move only when you are really supposed to.

Those three points are the unpopular CS:GO tricks you need to understand before playing the game. If you want to know more about the strategy that the CS:GO masters use, we recommend you to come on CS:GO tournaments such as the ESL Pro League 2018 which will be held from September to December 2018. Some of the league will be held online and some others will be held in Odense and New York City. Now, make sure you have been ready enough to see a great gameplay in the league.

To be the best CS:GO masters, it is obligated for you to give an intense attention to every single element of the game. Therefore, paying attention to those mentioned tricks above will be very useful to strengthen your ability. Make sure you have already understood every single point thus you will not do the common mistakes done by the players. Keep yourself improved and be the champion!


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