Arena of Valor, or better called as AoV, is one of the best MOBA games which hits millions of players until today. With its popularity, it is no wonder that the interest of people in playing AoV is increasing as time goes by. Hence, every day, the number of AoV player keeps increasing. For those who just joined the AoV community, there are some things that need to be underlined, including the hero choice.

We do understand that being a newbie on Arena of Valor has never been easy. You need to start from a very basic thing and of course, choosing the heroes that will not make you feel difficult during the gameplay. Therefore, here we give you the list of top 5 recommended AoV heroes for beginners. The heroes listed below are those who do not need a complicated strategy to play with.

  1. Veera

The first hero that comes up on the most recommended AoV heroes for the newbie is named Veera. Veera comes up as a Mage hero who has a great damage that can be given once you do an attack with this hero. Besides, this hero also has a great skill which can help you to do an accurate attack and kill the enemies immediately. Unfortunately, still and all, Veera has some points of weakness which are specifically known from the defense and armor. However, if you want to win with this hero, you better choose the right item build.

  1. Thane

If the previous hero, Veera, is a Mage hero, then Thane is the recommended choice for you who are interested in playing as a tank. He has a great ability in making a true damage to the enemies which can be done by his special ultimate skill named King’s Glory. Besides, most AoV players claimed that Thane’s skills are easy to play. Hence, you do not need an extra effort to get along with this tank. What you need to underline is that you need to keep watching on the skills that are being attacked to the enemies. Make sure you do not use them too much.

  1. Butterfly

Interested in taking a position as an assassin? You can begin your career at Arena of Valor by choosing Butterfly as your hero. This hero is easy to play yet has special skills and abilities that are considerable. Many of the AoV players even claimed and realized that Butterfly’s ability in making great damages is as dangerous as other popular assassin heroes on AoV. The strategy in making the skill combination for Butterfly is also easy to be done. Unfortunately, she does not have a great ability in self-defense, thus you need to pay attention to it.

  1. Peura

If those three listed AoV heroes above do not fit in your expectation, you better monitor the position as a support. There are some support heroes on AoV that are popular and recommended to be chosen. However, Peura still becomes the best yet the easiest one to play with. As with other heroes listed above, Peura has a great ability in making damage to the enemies. Besides, this hero is also able to give a CC effect which can bring the enemies to a severe death.

  1. Arthur

The last but not least is Authur. Authur is one of the most popular heroes on Arena of Valor that is also claimed as the easiest one. However, compared to other heroes listed previously, Arthur has a quite complicated skill combination but still and all it is easy to get along with this hero. What you need to underline here is that Arthur needs a farming process during the game. This would be effective to make him strong enough to face the Mage heroes that are counted as dangerous for him.

After understanding about the easiest AoV heroes for beginners, we recommend you to watch how the masters of AoV usually play with the heroes in their own position. To get connected to the masters, you better know more about their career at AoV tournaments such as AoV Star League (ASL) which is held nationally in Indonesia. In this annual tournament, you can find many AoV master teams compete for each other to be the first and the greatest champion of Arena of Valor.


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