Coming up as a game with MOBA mode which provides many interesting details including the characteristics of the heroes which is different from others, League of Legends has been successfully brought a particular adrenaline that has never been failed in attracting the gamers. Each of the heroes on League of Legends has their own ability which is appropriate with the legendary backgrounds that brought them on your screen.

The interest of the players in choosing the heroes cannot be separated from the specification of the heroes’ ability. The abilities, including the damage, speed, and other skills, bring up specific level related to the choice of the players. That becomes the main reason why this article is coming up with the list of League of Legends’ heroes that more likely to be found banned within most of the games.

What makes it interesting is the fact that most of the listed League of Legends’ heroes below are those who have a great skill, but still and all, those skills are just improved too much, thus the players usually decide not to bring them as the part of their team.

  1. Zed

Starting the list of the most banned League of Legends’ heroes, Zed comes up on the top of the list. This hero is commonly placed in the mid lane. Zed is counted as the most annoying hero since his great combo skill. This ability makes him able to escape from any of the skillshot that is being given by the enemies. Most of LoL players claimed that Zed will be annoying even when the game was just started. This could happen since Zed will harass while spamming Q. Later when he gets a level-up, he will come up with W+Q.

  1. LeBlanc

The dark outfit that is worn by LeBlanc seems to complete her role on League of Legends as an evil-like woman. As with Zed, the main reason why she is commonly banned from the team is her strong damage. Her ultimate skill ability gives her a very speed movement with the annoying damage that may kill you just after you attack her in short. In addition, her duplicate and running off ability are also dangerous—more like a ghost, I guess, she is scaring everyone in her surroundings. Hence, you better go out fast once you meet her, or her duplicate.

  1. Fizz

Outfits are just outfits, so do the appearance, all of them do not decide whether you are an evil or not. For instance, the case of Fizz, a cute little monster which is banned in most of the LoL games. The damage he can make with the W is very dangerous. In addition, he also has the E skill which makes him able to escape from any skill attacks given by the enemies. With those two skills, he can decrease your Health when he attacks and kills you. That is why you better escape faster once you meet him in a safe range.

  1. Katarina

As what people say, a beautiful face does not always mean a beautiful soul. That is what we can find in Katarina’s soul. Katarina, one of the mage assassins on League of Legends does not seem to get many loves to be chosen. Yes, with her tricky great damage, she does not deserve to be loved. Although she will start the game with, yeah, a simple attack—we can say, her crazy damage will be started on Level 3. Her strong ultimate skill makes her able to kill at least an enemy in her contribution on a group battle. Amazing but mean, huh?

Good people, those four heroes listed above are the most banned League of Legends’ heroes that you cannot easily found in most of the games. However, if you want to know how the masters run with other heroes, you can find them on LoL daily tournaments held by Challenger Mode. There will be competitions every day held online on different maps. This daily tournament will also be effective for you who want to train yourself. For more information, you can visit the Challenger Mode’s website.

Even though those listed heroes above are most likely to be banned, you can still use them with a specific item build and challenge your friends to have a battle with you. Now, are you ready to survive?


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