Point Blank or also known as PB is one of the most popular FPS games that are played on PC. This game has gained a great number of profits since it is played by hundred millions of people around the world. Since this game is played on PC, its development as a legend in society has been started since the old days when there were no Android or iOS phones exist. Hence, playing this game brings different adrenaline for the players.

Discussing the Point Blank’s mode that should be played on PC, we will obviously know that there are some things that we should understand related to the computer itself. Unlike the games that can be played on a mobile phone, the setting of the computer for a play on Point Blank is quite complicated. There are several Point Blank tips that you can do to make sure that you are doing well in playing Point Blank.

However, before we get to the explanation on how to make a good computer setting for Point Blank play, there is one thing that you also need to understand about, it is the computer specification. If you want to have a private computer or laptop for gaming, make sure that its capacity of VGA and processor are enough. Besides, the appropriate monitor size is also important to be considered. It is recommended for you to buy a computer with medium to big monitor size, thus the details of the game will be seen clearly.

If you have already done with the computer capacity, make sure that you also have a proper internet connection. In playing online games, including Point Blank, the stability of the internet connection takes the most important role in making your gameplay runs smoothly. Hence, make sure that both of your computer and internet capacity are in a good condition. Now, let us move to these following Point Blank tips for the setting on your computer.

  1. Video resolution

The first point of the Point Blank tips is the video resolution. In playing a game in which you can see colorful scenes, the resolution of the video or the screen takes an important role. Besides, playing such games need a great and intense attention to each of the details. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have already set the best performance of the monitor. You can set your computer up with the maximum resolution, thus you will see the specific parts in detail.

  1. Changing the configuration key

Although it has an influence in the gameplay, there are still many people who ignore the power of configuration key. Therefore, if you do not want to lose in playing Point Blank or you want to be the champion of Point Blank, you need to change the configuration key first. You can find it in the setting and train yourself immediately after you change it. The more you feel comfortable with the current configuration key you set, the more possibility of win that you can have.

  1. Changing the mouse sensitivity

If you are wondering the most important aspect that we need in playing FPS games on PC, the answer is obviously the comfort that we can make. After getting comfortable with the configuration key setting, the next Point Blank tips will be getting comfortable with the mouse sensitivity. The level of mouse sensitivity between players will be different. However, we suggest you set the mouse sensitivity at a medium level because it will be difficult for you if you set it too slow or even too fast.

Those three points are the Point Blank tips related to the computer setting that you need to highlight before playing the game. If you want to know more how the masters play with their own setting, you can watch some Point Blank tournaments such as on Point Blank World Championship 2018. This tournament was held in Brazil and was followed by many masters coming from different countries around the world. The PBWC has also been being one of the most popular Point Blank tournaments held internationally.

Nevertheless, if you want to know more about the strategies used by masters in their gameplay or the computer setting only, there are also many videos available on YouTube you can watch to train yourself. In the end, if you have already trained well, make sure you also challenge yourself to get in the world championship next year!



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