Mobile Legends comes up as MOBA games with some uniqueness and characteristics that are different from other games. Nonetheless, since they are in the same mode—MOBA, there are some similarities that we can find between Mobile Legends and other games such as Arena of Valor or League of Legends. One of the similarities that we can see is that there are some roles that need a particular person who will take care of specific position within the maps.

The roles that are provided in Mobile Legends and other games are quite same, but still and all, each of the roles needs different attention based on the games itself. In Mobile Legends itself, there are several roles that you need to pick before starting the game. One of the roles is called the tank. This role is usually run by the heroes who have a great amount of HP. The heroes that stand on this role will take a position in the front line, thus they can do a back up for other heroes and give a great attack toward the enemies.

Whoever the hero you choose as a Mobile Legends tank, there are several things you need to understand before starting the game. Those things are important to be highlighted, thus your gameplay as a tank will run smoothly. These several points below explain 3 main things you need to be picky of and consider before starting the game.

  1. Choose appropriate spell items

The first thing you need to consider as a Mobile Legends tank is the spell that you choose. Although it seems simple, your choice of spell item will be influential for your team, position, and gameplay during the game. For a tank in Mobile Legends, we suggest you choose spell items that will increase the hero’s HP such as the Healing Spell. This item will add 15% more HP to your tank hero. In addition, you also better choose an item that will increase your movement speed such as Flicker.

  1. Choose a great potion

The second thing that you also need to be picky about is the potion you choose. The potion that you can buy in the item shop during the game will increase your Mobile Legends tank hero’s ability. One of the most recommended potions for tanks is the Rock Potion. This potion can be bought for $1500 with many incredible improvements that will be given to your hero once you buy it. It will add 15% of resilience and 500 HP which both will be last to 120 seconds. With such ability, you will defeat the enemies easier.

  1. Do not build your hero with a full damage build

As what was mentioned before, a Mobile Legends tank commonly stands without having a great damage but standing in the front line with a good defense for the team and give great attacks to the enemies instead. However, not all people understand about such regulation and keep building their tanks on Mobile Legends with the full-damage items which will danger their position instead. Hence, make sure that you build your hero as a “true tank” in which the defense items are applied.

To help you in dealing with the defense item, we recommend you apply the Athena’s Shield, Demon’s Advent, and Dominance Ice. Athena’s Shield is one of the most popular defense items on Mobile Legends which can give a great Magic Resistance effect and shield. Besides, Demon’s Advent will add more HP Regen to +30. Complete your build with the Dominance Ice which will give +500 Mana with 70 Armor and add 5% Crit Chance Reduction. Your build will be more perfect if you add Immortality and Thunder Belt too.

If you have already been confident enough as a Mobile Legends tank, make sure that your competency in standing in the front line cannot be beaten by anyone else. Hence, we suggest you join some Mobile Legends tournaments such as the MLBB Esports International which will be held in India. If you are living outside India, you do not have to worry because this tournament is held online, thus it can be played anywhere. This competition takes place from December 15th,to December 25th 2018. Hence, there are still many times left for practice.


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