If you have been playing Point Blank for years, you may have known your position and getting familiar with the weapons dedicated for each role. Nonetheless, if you are still a beginner, it is important for you to note some points that are related to your gameplay or even the things you need to consider before you start the game. What we mean at this point is how you choose the weapons. How could it be that important? Well, the answer is pretty simple: you cannot waste your thousand points to buy a non-effective weapon that even will worsen your gameplay.

The consideration of choosing weapon can even be more essential when it comes to the sniper mode in which you need particular weapons to win the game. However, not all of the people understand the things they need to consider before choosing the best weapons for PB’s sniper that will make their gameplay runs well. Hence, for all of the Point Blank’s beginners out there, we are counting on you to gather here and read along these following passages to help you out with our helpful guide.

Tips 1: Choose the ones with a good accuracy

The first point you need to understand is the accuracy that your sniper weapons can make. First of all, you must know that not all of those weapons available on Point Blank have a good accuracy. Many of them are good in other aspects but low in the accuracy. For instance, a weapon named Rangemaster 338. Despite the fact that this weapon has a very high price and great damage, many of the Point Blank players have proven that Rangemaster 338 does not have enough capability in term of accuracy compared to other sniper weapons.

If you want to choose the best weapons for PB’s sniper, we suggest you choose the weapons who are not only good at making damage but also good in accuracy such as CheyTac M2000. This weapon is well-known with its strong damage that can kill the enemies with a little shot—or even only one shot. Besides, the accuracy that this weapon had is also powerful. Hence, you will not only get its ability in making a great damage, but also a great accuracy that will be helpful for the game.

Tips 2: Choose the ones that can make a great damage

Damage is the most influential thing in playing Point Blank or other FPS and even MOBA games. The weapons which can make a great damage to the enemies will be the most popular ones. For instance, the Tactilite T2 and Barrett M82A1. Let us start with the red Tactilite T2. This weapon is one of the new collections of Point Blank. By using this sniper weapon, you can have a great damage that may kill an enemy with only one shot.

Following the Tactilite T2, the Barrett M82A1 comes up as the next best weapons of Point Blank which have an ability to make the great of the greatest damage rather than others. Unfortunately, you cannot easily buy or find this weapon. Barrett M82A1 can only be bought if you buy the Barrett M82A1 lucky box. Nevertheless, if you think that damage should be prioritized rather than accuracy, you can also buy Rangemaster 338, only if you want to.

Tips 3: Consider the price

Although it is not that essential, choosing the best weapons for PB’s sniper also need a consideration of price as there are many weapons that are expensive but not exclusive or vice versa. Therefore, before choosing the sniper weapon, make sure you have a planned strategy with your point and check for the catalog, read the description carefully, and finally choose the best weapons for PB’s sniper that you want.

After all those three tips, we would also like to remind you that all of those tips are nothing if you do not know how the gameplay should run and how the masters of any Point Blank modes play the game. Therefore, we recommend you to watch the international tournament such as Point Blank National Championship which is held by Garena Indonesia. Otherwise, if you want to know how the worldwide masters play, you can watch them on the Point Blank World Challenge, a global tournament which took place in Brazil last month. By learning exclusively from the masters of Point Blank tournaments, you can improve your skills and take a step further into the champion chairs. Cheers!


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