One of the most influential things we need to emphasize in this world is the equality between men and women that have been strongly defended in many countries around the world. Gaming as the most phenomenal hobby supports the equality since it opens for everyone from both genders. Despite the fact that most of the gamers are males, there is always a chance for women who love games to get to the gaming world. Until today, there have been hundreds of women who contribute a lot to the development of e-sport games, including the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Coming from different countries, these women have already dedicated their lives to get to the gaming world, meeting new friends with the same mission of making themselves the best female masters of CS:GO. Here are those powerful women who hold the 1st to the 5th top female CS:GO players with their high win percentages in the world.

5th Rank: missharvey

The first female who gets to the list of female masters of CS:GO is Stephanie “missharvey” Harvey. Stephanie Harvey was born on April 19, 1986. This Canadian girl has been active since 2004. In 2005, she came up as the 7-8th rank on the premier tier of ESWC Women which was the beginning of her $26,305.25 total winnings. In the 2 following years, she finally received her first championship in the same game. In her last tournament of 2018, coming up with her current team, Counter Logic Gaming Red, she received the 3rd place on the World Electronic Sports Games which was held for females.

4th Rank: juliano

Julia Kiran, or commonly known with her player ID: juliano, gets on the list as the 4th rank. This woman was born on November 4, 1993, and started her gaming career with CS:GO 19 years after in 2013. This female gamer is well-known for her powerful position in the RES Gaming after got out from the Dynasty Gaming Female and Team Secret. Until today, the total winnings she has received from more than 20 games approximately reach $28,398.51. In 2017, Juliano could achieve 3 championships as the 1st winner in 3 tournaments including the ESU Masters and Intel Challenge Katowice.

3rd Rank: zAAz

Still about the best rifler of RES Gaming team, Zainab Turkie, a Swedish-Lebanese gamer comes up as the 3rd best female masters of CS:GO. This 27 years-old woman has already been active since 2005, starting with her first team called Divide on the Counter-Strike 1.6. As with Juliano, Zainab came to the RES Gaming after got out from Team Secret in 2017 and Dynasty gaming Female in 2017. Until today, the total winnings she could reach has been approximately reached $31,968.51. It includes her current winning in the Copenhagen Games 2018 for females.

2nd Rank: Ant1ka

Move on to the 2nd rank of female masters of CS:GO, we do not seem to have an escape from RES Gaming team. This team, with Anna Ananikova or Ant1ka and other previous players, is claimed as one of the most influential e-sport gaming teams around the world. Anna herself is placed as the AWPer with the same historical team as zAAz and Juliano. This Russian woman’s total achievement has been made approximately up to $33,485.89. Coming up with zAAz in the Copenhagen Games 2018, they came up as the 2nd champion with $7,000 prize pool. Amazing, huh?

1st Rank: vilga

Coming up with “vilga” as her player ID, Ksenia Klyuenkova seems to have the highest rank with the total winnings around $42,864.43. Again, this professional rifler comes from RES Gaming team with Anna, Julia, and Zainab too. Although she started her gaming career a bit later than the others, she could prove her proficiency in playing games by winning the 1st place in around 21 tournaments including the recent one namely World Electronic Sports Games. Her total achievements in 2017 were also crazy. That year, she came up as the 1st winner of 6 tournaments including WESG European and Cross Border Esport 2017.

Being a woman does not seem to be a limit for anyone to contribute and dedicate their life to gaming. If you are a woman and interested in joining the tournaments, train yourself well and be the next champion on the worldwide CS:GO tournaments for females such as World Electronic Sports Games, OMEN Challenge, or ESU Masters which is held annually. Are you ready for challenges? Get yourself all set, now!


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