League of Legends or LoL is claimed as the most popular and powerful game with various kinds of heroes with particular philosophy and characteristics that are different from each other. All of those heroes are matched and categorized into some roles that are also existed in other games such as DotA 2 or Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. One of the roles in LoL is the midlaner or those heroes that will be at their best when they are placed in the mid lane.

Nonetheless, although there are many heroes you can choose for the mid lane position, there are some LoL mid lane heroes that are claimed as the most banned ones which will place your team at the worst risk than the others. Is that claim right? Well, those heroes will be the worst only if you do not build them well with the most powerful and appropriate items for them. Hence, here we give you a view and recommendation on how to build some most banned mid lane heroes such as Irelia, Yasuo, and Vladimir. Therefore, rather than being the worst mid lane heroes on the team, they will be the most powerful instead.


Starting the list of LoL mid lane heroes, Irelia comes up as the most banned mid lane heroes that they say she should be avoided. However, is it true that after building her with particular items, she would still be the worst?

The first item that is obligated for Irelia is Trinity Force. This item will give her a great improvement in many aspects including Attack Damage, Speed, Cooldown Reduction, Health, Mana, and Movement Speed. To make sure that your hero gets a maximum Health skill, you can choose Sterak’s Gage which will add 450 Health for Irelia. It will also get boosted with the existence of Titanic Hydra, Dead Man’s Plate and Guardian Angel. Complete your build with the powerful boots called Mercury’s Treads which will give 25 Magic Resistance.


Another hero that gets to the list of the most banned LoL mid lane heroes is called Yasuo. As with Irelia, this hero also has a chance to be built up well and takes the best place as the most powerful mid lane heroes.

First of all, you should start your build with Phantom Dancer. This item will give 45% Attack Speed, 30% Critical Strike Chance and 5% Movement Speed. To complete it with a great damage, you may choose Infinity Edge and The Bloodthirster. In addition, the use of Frozen Mallet and Guardian Angel will also add more Attack Damage but with the addition of 700 Health and 40 Armor too. The last but not least is the addition of Berseker’s Greaves, a powerful boots item that can give 35% Attack Speed for Yasuo.


Despite the fact that this medium hero takes a low place in the most picked LoL mid lane heroes list, many people just do not understand how to make this hero does his best for the game. Hence, here we give you some suggestions for Vladimir’s build.

Start your build with the Hextach Protobelt-01. With this item, you will get 60 Ability Power with 300 Health and 10% Cooldown Reduction. Besides, you can improve Vladimir’s Ability Power by choosing Liandry’s Torment, Void Staff, Rabadon’s Deathcap, and Elixir of Sorcery. The combination of those 4 items will give 320 Ability Power in total. Besides, they will also add 300 Health and 15 Mana Regeneration. Do not forget to complete your build with the Sorcerer’s Shoes which will give 18 Magic Penetration and +45 Movement Speed for your hero.

Those three heroes are the most banned LoL mid lane heroes that most of the people think that they should be avoided to ‘safe’ the gameplay. However, after all those recommendations, don’t you think trying to play with them will be fun as well? Hence, do not worry to use them in the tournaments that you might join. For instance, the daily tournament that is hosted by Challengermode that you may join anytime as it opens every day. Nevertheless, if you want a more challenging tournament, the How 2 Tournament which will be held from June 22 to July 29, 2018, still has their registration opened until today. Are you ready to be the next champion of LoL?


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