PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround or PUBG has been widely well-known for its great FPS gameplay. This game has been played by millions of people around the world. Until today, its ability in attracting people with various attributes provided has always been considered. The various items such as weapons and vehicles always make people want to collect and train themselves with each of the items. Nonetheless, even the ones who have played the PUBG for many times cannot choose the best item for themselves, so do the beginners, whereas the choice of items is very essential since it will affect the gameplay.

As mentioned before, there are two essential items on PUBG, they are the weapons and the vehicles. Since the discussion about the best weapons for PUBG gameplay can be found easily, the discussion about the best PUBG vehicles does not seem to be easy to be found within the internet surf. Hence, here we give you an article as a guide, for both masters and beginners, to choose the best vehicles for your PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround play. We do hope that this article will be a helpful guide before the game starts. Don’t get out of your seat and check this one out!

The Buggy

Let us start the list of the best PUBG vehicles by mentioning the one and only PUBG car with 2 occupants, call it the Buggy. This vehicle is an open frame with a cute appearance rather than the other vehicles. This car has an ability to activate the boost with the use of the ‘left shift’. Furthermore, the Buggy is able to have a high speed up to 100 km/h since it has a light frame. That is why this vehicle is effective for any kind of map, including the Miramar one. Nevertheless, you must be aware of your safety since this vehicle does not have a high fire resist thus it can easily getting attacked.

Dacia 1300

Still, about the land vehicle, Dacia 1300 is the next vehicle that should be considered. Dacia comes up as a sedan car which is as light as the Buggy. Nonetheless, unlike the Buggy, Dacia is not recommended to be used on a hill because it may lose its speed that is normally 85 km/h on the level roads. However, if you want to push its ability by using the left shift, you can get to the highest speed which is more than the Buggy’s. The top speed of Dacia 1300 can be made up to 139 km/h. That is also one of the reasons why Dacia 1300 stands up on this list.

Motorcycle with sidecar

The last recommended land vehicle for you is the motorcycle. There are two kinds of motorcycle that are available on the game, one of them comes up with a sidecar that adds its occupations more up to 3 persons. In addition, this vehicle is also claimed as the fastest vehicle on the game that can reach 130 km/h at its top speed. Furthermore, this vehicle has the lowest fuel consumption than other vehicles available in the game.

PG-117 and Aquarail

After getting done with the land vehicles, let us move to the best PUBG vehicles for the water use. Since there are only two water vehicles on the game with the same ability, we decided to bring both on this article for you. Now, which one should you choose? It depends on your needs. If you need a vehicle which has an ability to occupy more than 2 persons, the PG-117 is the choice. In contrast, if you only need a vehicle with 2 occupations, you should choose Aquarail. Both of them has a top speed up to 90 km/h which is much fast as the water rides.

Now, are you confident enough with the use of the best PUBG vehicles above? If you need a training, you can learn the use of best PUBG vehicles by watching the masters’ gameplay in the PUBG South-East Asia Championship 2018. This upcoming event will be held from June 23 to June 24, 2018, in Thailand. Nonetheless, if you think that you are great enough in playing the game, especially if you have made a great choice of vehicles, make sure that you can use them on the PUBG tournaments as well.


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