As with other MOBA games, DotA 2 has a map that is divided into some parts which need particular heroes with specific capabilities that can fit the position the hero takes. There are 3 main parts of DotA 2’s maps, they are the top lane, mid lane, and the hard lane. The hard lane is also well-known as off lane or long lane. This part is located in beside the enemy’s forest which is very dangerous and sensitive of the gank. Most of the masters only put one hero in the hard lane. Therefore, the hero chosen should be well-considered because it is possible that he or she will face many enemies at times.

Nonetheless, there will always be a way to win the game, especially when it comes to the hard lane battle. There are several hard lane heroes that are quite popular these days. These following passages are the brief explanations about the heroes that are well-known for its ability in playing the hard lane battle.



Until today, Omniknight has always been known as one of the hard lane heroes that can reach a high win percentage that can be made up to 58.9%. Although this hero is not popular enough compared to Pangolier or Doom which hold the most chosen hard lane hero, Omniknight is still able to attract people with its skill that can be maximized once he gets the right item build. This blonde hero has some specific skills such as Purification, Degen Aura, Guardian Angel and Repel. All of those skills support Omniknight’s strong damage that can be made up from 53 to 63 strength of damage.


Following Omniknight with the highest win percentage, Doom is also well-known as one of the most picked hard lane heroes after Pangolier. This hero has particular skills that are special, they are the Devour, Scorched Earth, Lvldeath, and Doom. Moreover, Doom’s ability in making damage and win will be improved by some starting items such as Tangos, healthy pot, 3 Iron branches and stout shield, while the core items can be Radiance, Phase Boots, Vanguard, and BKB. With all of those item builds, it is no wonder if Doom can be the most picked hero with a high win percentage among others.

Legion Commander

Legion Commander is the most good-looking hero within the hard lane heroes list. This hero, with a great and strong appearance, has some skills which can bring a great damage from 61 to 65. For your information, Legion Commander has some skills that make this hero able to get to 54.1% of win percentage. Those skills are the Overwhelming Odds, Moment of Courage, Press the Attack, and Duel. Nonetheless, about the item build, this hero is commonly matched with the Tango and Boots of Speed in which you can improve the damage and the movement speed this hero makes.


Although the damage made by Tidehunter is not as much as the Legion Commander’s, this hero is still able to reach a high win percentage nearly the Legion Commander’s, it is 54%. Tidehunter has a high movement which can be made up to 300. This ability is what he deserves from many skills such as Gush, Anchor Smash, Gush, and Ravage. Meanwhile, some talents like cooldown reduction, damage, XP, and Armor that Tidehunter had is also considered as all of them gets into a high number.


The last hero that completes the list of the most popular hard lane heroes in DotA 2 is called Pangolier. Although the win percentage of this hero cannot even reach 50%, this hero has already successfully proved that the win percentage does not decide your popularity. Until today, Pangolier, with his 4.6 Armor, has successfully been attracting people which lift this hero’s popularity up to 17.7%. This current status cannot be separated from Pangolier’s great skills that attract people to pick him such as Swashbuckle, Shield Crash, Heartpiercer and Rolling Thunder.

All of those previous points are the best hard lane heroes you can use. If you think that you have been attracted with those five, we suggest you not to just stay on your seat but challenge yourself on a tournament instead. One of the best DotA 2 tournaments that you may join is the International 2018 which will be held in Vancouver, Canada, from August 15 to August 25, 2018. There will be 18 teams which will survive for $13,877,157 prize pool. Well, are you ready to be the one and only champion?


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