Coming up as one of the best Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games, Mooton does not seem to have a limit in making new innovations toward its game production, Mobile Legends. Many updates are perfectly done to attract the players more thus they will not get out from the Mobile Legends’ map after all. Talking about innovation, upgrading the heroes is one of the things that Mooton does to keep their long-lasting attraction with the MOBA players. Hence, there have always been many new heroes that are waited by millions of Mobile Legends’ players to make a new legendary.

After being successful with Chang’e which was released a few months ago, Mooton is coming back with a great news for all Mobile Legends’ survivors, it is about the Mobile Legends’ new heroes that will come up in several days. As with other previous updates, there will be a hero that is launched on the original server that was taken from the advanced server in which the new heroes will be launched too. This month, the heroes that will surprise you all are Kaja, Vale, and Leomord. Not familiar enough with those names? Here we give you a brief explanation about each of the heroes.



As what we have known from the previous passage that there will be a new hero launched from the advanced server which you can play on the original server. This month, the new hero on the original server will be Kaja. If you keep updating on Mobile Legends’ new heroes news, you must be familiar with Kaja since he has been being a great issue for days. After a long wait, finally, this hero will be available to be played on the original server of Mobile Legends starting from this month.

The appearance of Kaja looks great with white strong wings on his back. According to his historical background, Kaja was coming from the Calestial Palace in which the strong gods lived. Hence, no wonder if he can be that strong with some skills that complete him such as the Ring of Order and Eye of the Sotrm. The existence of both skills that will improve his movement speed, magic damage, and magic power will be completed with his skill of Gale Force and Divini Judgement which give him a strong adding of magical power and magical damage.

Vale and Leomord

If the new hero that will be released on the original server will be Kaja, the Mobile Legends’ new heroes that will be launched on the advanced server will be Vale and Leomord. Each of them has been being a great issue within the Mobile Legends’ players with their special characteristics.

Vale Windtalker comes up with a great visual with his unique clothes. He has white clothes combined with cream and aqua blue which make his appearance more powerful. As we can see from his name, Windtalker, this man has an ability to control the wind. The existence of Vale will complete the list of Mobile Legends’ heroes who hold the skill of controlling the earth elements such as Aurora who has an ability to control the water and Valir with his fire control.

If Vale is able to attract people with its capability in controlling the wind and a great appearance he has, Leomord is also coming up with a great appearance and an enormous weapon he takes care of on his right hand. Although the existence of his weapon makes him looks more like Alucard, his red skin gives particular difference and impression that makes him looks strong and unbeatable.

Well, enough with the explanation of the Mobile Legends’ new heroes that will be released this month on both advanced and original server, we challenge you to join Mobile Legends’ new tournaments while waiting for the time for new heroes’ practice. One of the phenomenal Mobile Legend tournaments that you might join is the Mobile Legend Wynn Cup. This tournament will be played with the playoffs mode in which there will be some champions among 80 teams that follow the tournament. Even though this tournament takes place in Malaysia, the tournament is held online, thus you can access it easily from July 1 to August 1, 2018. Be ready to slain the enemies down and reach the victory!


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