As one of the best games that are played by millions of people around the world, Arena of Valor comes up with many variants of heroes that you can choose. With such an enormous number of heroes, we can say that Arena of Valor stands as the bank of heroes in which the various characteristics of heroes are compounded into one game called AoV. As with other Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games, each of the heroes has their own characteristics and historical background which leads them to what we can see on our screen right now.

Talking about heroes, AoV’s Rourke is one of the best heroes that AoV provides to us. This man stands up with a bright smile yet having a great body which is strong and unbeatable. Therefore, it is no wonder if many of the AoV players adore this captain that much. Nonetheless, despite the fact that this hero stands up that bright on our screen, he also has a historical background that we need to know. Besides, to make this guide complete, let us finish it with some explanations about the best items that match this hero well.

Historical background

Since AoV’s Rourke represents a bright captain with his bright smile on the screen, many people think that Rourke’s life was all great. However, his historical background does not say so. Although Rourke loves to share smiles to everyone, he also had those times in which he suffered as a strong man coming from Casanova Fort as an archer. This man is also well-known for his contribution to the Bashkir war in which he gave nearly all of his life to win. To this point, we can see how brave and persistent he is.

Nonetheless, being a good person does not always mean having a good life, isn’t it? So does Captain Rourke. For several years, this man lived terribly with a sadness of losing his family, including his beloved brother who was dead in the Bashkir war while the others are commonly died because of hunger. Besides, Captain Rourke himself lost his right arm during the war. After winning the war, Rourke took his right of getting wealth for all his life, but it was all nothing since he lived without any exact purpose.

Therefore, to keep himself busy and give his life a true purpose, he finally decided to go to the Federation of the Fee which placed him as a captain. By joining the federation, Rourke finally got a mechanic arch which replaced his right arm that was lost. In the end, he becomes a great captain who loves his people and is respected by the society for his kindness and responsibility as a captain. That is exactly how his bright smile is coming to your screen.

Item Build

After knowing such explanation about the historical background of AoV’s Rourke, now we move to the discussion about the more realistic one, it is the suggested item build for your Rourke. As with other heroes, there are some items that are recommended to be used and to maximize the capability of the hero. In this case, there are four main items that are effective to be used by Rourke, they are the Spear of Longinus, Omni Arms, Frost Cape and Medallion of Troy.

If you are a true AoV player, you might not strange with the Frost Cape which is used and recommended for nearly all AoV heroes. Nevertheless, other items such as Spear of Longinus, Omni Arms, and Medallion of Troy is also worth to be played with AoV’s Rourke. Each of them has their own characteristics in which you can improve your Rourke skill in killing the enemies’ defense. In addition, by combining those items, you can get a maximum cooldown reduction, attack damage, magical damage, and other abilities.

Are you interested in playing Arena of Valor with Captain Rourke? If you are ready enough, you can challenge yourself to join some Arena of Valor competition which will be held in short. One of the most phenomenal Arena of Valor tournaments which are on-going is the Valor Community Challenge. This tournament takes place in many cities in Indonesia from the big ones to the small ones. If you are interested enough in challenging yourself, you just need to spend not even more than IDR 100.000 for every tournament.


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