If you have been being a true admirer and player of Counter Strike: Global Offensive or CS:GO, you must have been familiar with the terms used on the game related to the roles. As we know, there are some player positions you can take in playing CS:GO, they are the in-game leader and strat caller, the main and secondary AWper, the lurker, the entry fragger, the support player, and the one that we will discuss on this article called the rifler. Each of them has their own roles and skills, therefore, once someone fits in particular role, he will be in that position forever.

As what has been mentioned before, the CS:GO role that we are going to discuss is the CS:GO’s rifler. The rifler is commonly defined as someone who is able to be an expert marksmanship. It means, he must be able to play both the terrorist and counter-terrorist weaponry. Therefore, if you are interested in playing as a rifler, make sure you understand in which side you are in. If you are a beginner and still do not understand what to do and what to decide, let us give you a helpful guide about the weapons for both terrorist and counter-terrorist riflers.

Terrorist Side: the Powerful AK47 and Galil


Let us start with the AK47. This weapon has a powerful impact with a great damage you can make with its armor-piercing bullets. The AK47 is also well-known for its high skill gap alongside with a fast reload you can make. Furthermore, this CT weapon can be bought at a cheap price compared to the counter-terrorist’s CT weapon. However, still and all, the price does matter. As this CT is cheaper, the accuracy made by the counterparts is higher than the AK47 makes.

Since the AK47 needs a hard practice and effort, many people failed and cannot match themselves up with this weapon. Hence, the Galil is there as another choice for you. As another best weapon dedicated to CS:GO rifler, Galil is made with a high rate of fire with a large magazine capacity. Besides, as with the AK47, this weapon is also cheap but not that accurate compared to counterparts’ weapons.

Counter-terrorist Side: MA41 Carbine and Famas

Not satisfied enough with the specifications of the weapons of the terrorist side? The weapons of the counter-terrorist side can be your choice. Call them the MA41 Carbine and Famas which are not less-powerful than the terrorist weapons.

The MA41 Carbine is one of the best weapon used by CS:GO rifler. This weapon is famous for its silencer which makes the MA41 Carbine effective to be used in any maps. In addition, this weapon can give a great damage with a good mobility. Moreover, if the AK does not have a high fire rate, you can find it within the MA41 Carbine. Nonetheless, the expensive price does not seem fit in this weapon since it does not have an ability to be accurate in long bursts but will be accurate in short bursts instead.

Complete your role as a counter-terrorist CS:GO rifler by training yourself with the Famas. This weapon is claimed as the best weapon dedicated for riflers. Unlike the MA41 Carbine, with its cheap prize, the Famas is able to have an accurate at a long burst. Besides, it also has a 3-round burst capability and also claimed as the owner of the first rank of fire rate within other CS:GO weapon. Unfortunately, you cannot get a high rate of fire while you turn the burst mode on.

By knowing the characteristics of each role and the weapons, you can now consider which team you are in. What you must highlight here is that each of the weapons has their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we recommend you not to only read the previous articles but also get some tournaments to be watched as a free training from the CS:GO rifler lords. Make sure you take a step in some tournaments such as the ZOTAC Cup Master. This tournament will be held within 8 teams on August 24-26 2018 in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. The ZOTAC Cup Master will be followed by masters coming from many countries where masters are well-developed, such as China and Indonesia. Train yourself and be ready for it!


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