Point Blank, or commonly called PB, is a phenomenal game which is played by millions of people around the world. Since this game is coming up as an FPS game, the attributes used such as weapons, including guns and bombs are all taken from the real ones. It means, each of the weapons actually has the real entity in the real life and that is what makes this game interesting. Nonetheless, let us specify the weapons to the handguns. Each of the handguns has its own power and is coming from the particular real country around the world such as South Korea, Israel, US, and more.

Although this game is amazingly phenomenal, many people—whether they are the PB masters or newbie—still do not know about the historical background of the weapons they use. However, talking about the PB weapons has always been that nice as we can also understand the weapon’s relation with a particular country, when and where it is produced, and others. Hence, here we ask you to know the PB’s handguns more as we will specify it to particular handguns which are famous and adored by the entire players. Don’t get out of your seat and check this out!

Desert Eagle

If you have been playing Point Blank for years, you must be familiar with one of PB’s handguns called the Desert Eagle. This gun is the most powerful handgun among others since it will give a strong damage and even a headshot with only one shot. Nonetheless, looking to its historical background, the Desert Eagle is a semi-automatic handgun which is firstly constructed by Magnum Research, but finally, it is produced by Israel Military Industries (IMI) after once also get moved to Saco Defense in 1995-2000. With variant frame materials, its weight can be 1.36 up to 2 kilograms (Mark XIX verse).

Since this handgun is well-known, the Desert Eagle’s appearance on Point Blank is not the only appearance of its. This handgun is also popular to be used in movies, songs or even novels. Amazing, huh? Its eldest variant called Eagle 357, has already been being a valuable collection that is rare to be found.


Another handgun that is popular among other PB’s handguns, even if you are a newbie, this handgun must also be known by you. As with the Desert Eagle, the Daewoo K5, or also commonly known as K-5, is a semi-automatic handgun. Unfortunately, K-5 is not as powerful as Desert Eagle, but if you combine them together as a set of a dual pistol, the damage you can make will be more powerful. K-5 was firstly introduced in 1989 by a South Korean company named S&T Daewoo. Unlike the Desert Eagle which has many variants of frame materials, K-5 only produced with aluminum as its frame with a slide that is made of steel.

Until today, this handgun is famous for its fast action type in which you can find the locking system too. By using this gun on Point Blank, you may feel like a true army since this gun is commonly used by the Daehanminguk Gukgun.


If K-5 does not bring a big damage while Desert Eagle brings the most powerful damage, MK-23 is one between them both. The Heckler & Koch MK23 is a gun produced by Germany with a medium power of damage. This gun is firstly introduced in 1990 which finally used by the US, Canada, and even Malaysia. As an automatic gun with an ability to shot for even 50 meters far, the MK-23 is popular to be used within the police and army teams. As this gun is bigger than Desert Eagle, its weight can reach up to 2.29 kilograms.

If you want to see how masters use those PB’s handguns, you can watch some Point Blank tournaments held around the world. One of them is the Point Blank World Challenge or PBWC. The 2018 tournament of PBWC was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil in which the Brazilian teams came up as the champion followed by the Indonesian and Latin American teams, while Russian team which is claimed as a country where PB masters come from was going home as the 5th rank in this best online FPS tournament. Interested in challenging yourself up for this tournament? Or you just want to learn more on how to play the game? Well, be ready for the 2019 PBWC next year, then! Cheers!


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